Legendary Weapons


Legendary Weapons

Now its time to cover your Legendary weapons you will find past lvl 50, here you will learn how they work, what the legacies are, and which ones to choose.

I’d recommend have one Solo book and weapon. And a Fellowship book and weapon.  Considering each will need different bonuses to your skills.

Legendary Weapons and Class items come in three forms, Third age, Second Age, and First age.

Third age are purple and drop like hotcakes, Second age Teal and drop rarely, First age currently only drop off the watcher after it is killed, so they are a rare item of the game.

I will not be going into detail on reforging or adding relics, since this is a minstrel’s guide, not a legendary weapon guide, if you want more info just head to Lorebook-Legendary Items Guide.

Now it is time to list the legacies and what they do!


  • Anthem Damage

Effect: This increases the damage of all your Anthems; Anthem of the Valar and Anthem of Wizards (Wizards if you have the legendary trait slotted, but not many do, so this legacy is just about useless.)

  • Ballad Threat

Effect: This reduces the threat of all your ballads. See ballads for a full list. (good for groups)

  • Call of Oreme Damage

Effect: This increases the damage of Call of Oreme, one of your War-speech skills. (This is handy for Solo’ing)

  • Call to Fate Critical Multiplier

Effect: This increases your crits of Call to Fate, one of your War-Speech skills. (also Handy for a crit-solo’ing minstrel)

  • Call to War Skills Resistance Chance

Effect: This reduces the chance your Call to war (war-speech) skills will miss on your targets. ( They do from time to time, which can get frustrating)

  • Call to Fellowship Damage and Healing

Effect: This increases the damage and healing past the normal 10% of the skill Call to Fellowship. (Fellowship)

  • Call to the Second Age Targets

Effect: This increases the targets of your War-speech skill Call to the Second Age (good solo)

  • Lay of the Hammerhand Power-per-second Cost

Effect: This decreases the amount of damage your power with take, for each point of damage you are hit with. (good for solo)

  • Piercing Cry Damage:

Effect: This increases the damage Piercing Cry does to your target.

  • Rally! Cooldown

Effect: This decreases the cooldown on your in-combat rez, (Very nice for fellowship and raids.)

  • Soliloquy of Spirit HoT pulses

Effect: This increases the pulses of SoS, your HoT heal.

  • Still as Death Duration

Effect: This increases the duration of your “play dead” skill, so you can fool those mobs longer, also giving you time to fetch some chips from the kitchen. (good on a fellowship weapon)

  • Tier 1 Ballad Damage
    Effect: This increases the damage your Tier one ballad damage does to your target. (a must have for your solo weapon, and useful on your fellowship.)
  • Tier 2 Ballad Damage

Effect: This increases the damage of your Tier two ballad damage you do to your target. (Equally as useful as the Tier 1 legacy)

  • Triumphant Spirit Cooldown

Effect: This decreases the cooldown on your huge group heal, making it so you can use it sooner once more. (Recommended on your group weapon)



  • Ballad of Flame Fire Defence

Effect: This increases the fire mitigation of Ballad of Flame. (good for fire instances such as FG and Forges)

  • Ballad of Unshakable Will Fear Resistance

Effect: This increases the fear mitigation of Ballad of Unshakable Will.

  • Ballad of War Magnitude

Effect: This increases the percentage of Ballad of War past the normal 10%. (good for when you want to increase your teams melee damage,)

  • Bolster Courage Healing

Effect: This increases your healing output/amount of Bolster courage. (A Fellowship book MUST)

  • Chord of Salvation Cooldown

Effect: This reduces the cooldown on your quick one-target heal.

  • Cry of Chorus Cooldown

Effect: This reduces the cooldown on Cry of Chorus. (Unlocks your ballads and de-silences your, sometimes handy.)

  • Cure Fear Range

Effect: This increases the range on your cure fear, so you don’t have to be standing RIGHT next to the person to cure their fear.

  • Echoes of Battle Resistance Rating Debuff

Effect: This decreases the chance your floaty ghost swords (Echoes of Battle) with be resisted.

  • Healing and Motivation Skills Morale Healing

Effect: This increases the output of ALL heals, increases the amount you heal. (A Fellowship book MUST)

  • Inspire Fellows Healing

Effect: This Increases the output of your fellowship heal. (Fellowship book MUST)

  • Raise the Spirit Healing

Effect: This increases the output of your small one-target heal. (A Fellowship book MUST)

  • Song of Restoration Cooldown

Effect: This reduces the cooldown on your remove dread skill. (handy for Watcher.)

  • Song of the Dead Cooldown

Effect: This reduces the cooldown on your “undead” mez.

  • Target Ballad Resist Rating

Effect: This reduces the chance your ballads will get resisted. (very nice solo and fellowship.)

  • Target Song Resist Rating

Effect: This reduces the chance your songs with get resisted. (very nice if you like to play song of soothing on some things! Or even your “undead” mez.)


Now that you know the legacies, let’s cover the ones you should look for when you’re first choosing a book or weapon.

If the weapon when you identify it doesn’t have two or even three of these I wouldn’t even consider it.

Most legacies listed below is just recommendations, except for the group-book. I would aim to get every single on of those, if the book doesn’t have the top three healing legacies on it, or even just two, THROW it out!

Also on the legendary, if the tier of the legacy is not 3 or above, it’s just about crap. You really want to aim for tier 4, 5 and 6.


Call of Oreme damage
Tier one Ballad damage
Tier two Ballad damage
Piercing Cry damage
Call to War Resistance chance
Call to the Second Age targets
Call to Fate critical multiplier.


Target Ballad Resist Rating
Target Song Resist Rating
Raise the Spirit Healing (for yourself, during battle.)
Cry of Chorus cooldown
Ballad of War magnitude
Echoes of Battle resist
Healing and motivation


Ballad Threat
Rally!  Cooldown
Tier one Ballad damage
Triumphant spirit cooldown
Soliloquy of Spirit pulses (If you actually use it.)
Still as death duration
Tier two Ballad damage


Healing and motivation
Bolster Courage healing
Raise the Spirit healing
Inspire fellows healing
Target Song resist rating
Target Ballad resist rating
Song of restoration cooldown.

Now one more topic with your legendaries: The Settings, Runes and Gems.

There are many different types, but you want to aim for Fate, Will, Tactical Crit and In-combat power regen, even Vitality is nice! 

Good luck with your Legendaries my student minnys!