Maine High Adventure 2017

We are back and the trip went GREAT!

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For those going on the High Adventure trip on Saturday, we would like you to come with your gear to Rick Story’s house Friday night at 6:30 so we can get the vehicles and gear all loaded up for a speedy departure on Saturday morning – it’s a 13 hour drive and we would like to leave early Sat. Morning. I propose we meet at 6:30am and so we can get on the road at 7:00am Sat morning. Please eat breakfast at home or on the way. Please try to make it Friday night but if you cannot let us know in advance and make sure you come early on Sat morning so we can pack any remaining gear. Here is address for Rick’s house: 

Rick Story
1888 Mill Run Ct
Hellertown, PA 18055 

 A reminder for packing – please see the packing list, float plans and maps on the troop website. Please pack all your gear into wet bags – it should all fit into a single backpack.

  Also, in addition to your backpack, please bring 1 set of fresh clothing for the ride home – we will leave these in the vehicles so they should be packed separately i.e. in a labeled gallon zip-lock.


Join us for a great outdoor adventure this summer to the Allagash Wilderness Waterway in Maine: July 22nd - July 30th. This experience is for Scouts who have demonstrated the knowledge, skills and ability to be an asset in the outdoors. This high adventure trip is open to Scouts who are First Class rank or 14 years old with leader approval.

e will leave early morning on Saturday, July 22nd. Scouts should have eaten breakfast at home prior to departure. Scouts should also pack a lunch for on the road for that same day.

The following is an excerpt of the full float plan. See float plans and maps files below for a more detailed description of the trip.

The Allagash Waterway, located in northwest Maine, flows from south to north beginning at Allagash Lake and terminates at the St. John River in Allagash Falls, Maine near the Canadian border. The length of the entire river is 98 miles. It is a trip of great variety, traveling lakes, rapids, and meandering quiet water, with few portages, only 200 yards at Allagash Falls and short lifts around two old dams. Highlights of this trip are wildlife sightings such as Eagles, Ospreys, Moose, Deer, and Bear to beautiful lake and river scenery, unsurpassed in Maine. Allagash Falls is spectacular at higher water levels.

Our trip will begin on the south end of Eagle Lake at Indian Stream after a 3-4 hour shuttle run from the Outfitters. We can explore sites of early logging activity like the Tramway and discarded lombards, and hike to an expansive view of the Maine woods from the fire tower on Priestly or Round Pond Mountain. The Eagle Lake and Umbazooksus Railroad was built in 1925-1926 and hauled 125,000 cords of pulpwood each year from Eagle to Umbazooksus Lake. The remains of the two giant oil-burning steam locomotives, which made the round trip between the lakes every three hours, are a startling sight as they stand near the shore of Eagle Lake. Then we cross over to Churchill Lake. At Churchill Dam we’ll have a 150 foot portage and then the river portion of the trip begins with 5 miles of Class II rapids, called Chase Rapids, followed by quick water in general throughout the trip, with the exception of Umsaskis Lake, Long Lake, and Round Pond. Chase Rapids will be run without gear. This white water will challenge all skill levels, and is particularly well suited for beginner and intermediate canoeists. We’ll hire the park ranger to portage our gear by truck. There will be a 0.33 mile portage around Allagash Falls, which cannot be run. Much of the Allagash River is rocky and requires navigating around obstacles depending on the water level.

Camping will be only at established campsites along the waterway. A lot of the campsites are old fishing camps and are usually found just downstream of a good fishing stream. Fires will be in the designated pits only. Campsites are primitive and beautiful, with each site is equipped with a fire pit, a picnic table, a ridge pole for a tarp and a latrine. We will try to allow plenty of time for relaxing, swimming, and exploring, especially at the magnificent Allagash Falls. Wildlife is abundant along the river, and sightings of moose are frequent in the summer months. Springs are located throughout the waterway and will be located in our maps and itinerary.

To view a 9 part (total 1 hour and 13 minute) video(s) about the Allagash Wilderness Waterway click here.

Medical Forms: Download and print the “required” Medical Form. All Scouts and Leaders must have the Medical Form completed annually by a doctor for Troop records. Your form may not expire during Summer Camp or a High Adventure trip. For high adventure, you must have the high adventure sections completed. Please have this form completed and turned in to Tony or Bill by Sunday, June 18th at 6:30 pm. This includes any Scout or Leader. Additionally any parent attending a camp or high adventure must complete this form.
- We will need a separate list of all medications, dosage and schedules when you turn in your medical form and notification if those medications change.
- We will need original documents for both of the above and a “copy” of each for the Troop records.

Pricing: $500 per person

Non-refundable Troop Payment Schedule:
  • March 12th - $200
  • April 9th - $200
  • June 11th - $100
What gear to bring: Click here. (Note: you may need to open this with "Google Sheets" after clicking the link.)

Fishing Laws/License Info: Click here.

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