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The Moon has its shadows. This inscription has its shadowed signs too. Now, please do not let
my discovery of the Minoan calendar be shadowed, by that reason.

Ad notam.

My attribute, in thankfulness for being born, I sometimes think, was to prepare my life for opening up the Phaistos disc' famous riddle from Europe's cradle.

All other of my promissing projects from my work-bench was destroyed in 2006, learned by bad experiences, to avoid further infringements from the organized thimple-riggers. The false signal they bring around, that my efforts have no value (so electronically black-listed), costing me enerving obstrucles with lack of meaning.

Have you ever thought about, that a very high percent of all fine litterature, are written out of the purpose to warn against the cathastophes, into God-given lives, effected by such arrogant fellows, believing themselves better than other by no sane reason, than a bag of cold mammon?

No one is allowed to take patent on anothers luck, or falsely doom the importance of others works.

A job-searching situation will normally be overcome in about one feverish month. -Thirty years I've been tortured by those wrong doers, doing their eternal mistake.

Consider me 'A Marathon man'. -This one classical and parallel example from literature, "John Steinbeck : The pearl".

Michael Ventris introduced his grid of syllables for linear B in 1950 
I announced my refinement of the Phaistos disc inscription, through my discovery of the 22 stemforms of always two signs, in 1985.

Ole Hagen. Dyrskuevej 13. Aalborg S.V.  tlf: +4531677585. E-mail :

life,  limbs, health, sanity, hopes, dreams, bride not convinced, broken promises to my beloved father -dead now. To make a nightmare out of others Lives, must have its price.

It takes no prophet to assure the readers that "This is no good".

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