Frequently Asked Questions

TCOWHM Series:
1.  Do I have to register for the entire series?
     - No. 
2.  Do I have to be USMS registered or USAS registered?
     - Yes.
3.  Can I wear a wet suit?
     - Yes.  Your time will be recorded and listed in the results; you will not be able to receive awards.
4.  Where can I get a canoe/kayak for the 5-Mile and a paddler?
     - Canoes and kayaks can be rented from REI and Tommy's Tonka Trolley... Paddlers?  Well... start calling your BEST friends!  :)

1.  Where is Excelsior MN and  Wayzata MN?
     - 15 miles west of downtown Minneapolis (about 25 minutes from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport (MSP))

2.  Do you provide escort boats (canoe/kayak) and/or paddlers for out-of-state participants?
     - We will provide several options for renting equipment (boats, paddles, PFDs, etc), we will also help you connect with volunteer paddlers.

3.  Are there any "fueling stops" on the course (food/fluid)?
     - Your escort paddlers can provide food, gels, water, etc.  However, you must not be supported by the vessel or paddlers... You must float/tread water.