Scholarship Auditions

To apply, each student must:

  1. Complete in full the Thespian scholarship auditions form on-line. This form includes space for a résumé.
  2. Be registered at the home office as a current member of the International Thespian Society.
  3. Have a minimum 2.7 grade point average.
  4. Be a graduating senior (graduates spring of 2012; juniors may not audition).
  5. Intend to use the grant to further her or his education by majoring or minoring in communicative arts (theatre, film, speech, radio and television, broadcasting, music, or dance).

Students must complete the form below or use the online form.

Students applying for Thespian scholarships will be evaluated on their audition performance and their involvement with their Thespian troupe at their school.

General audition guidelines

All students will be assigned audition slots prior to the festival date.

The emphasis during the auditions must be on presentation and performance. The performing area will be approximately 5’ x 5’. No special lighting will be available. One straight-back chair and one small table will be provided. Before your introduction, you will be allowed to set the stage. You may not use additional set pieces and you must supply any needed hand props. Costumes are not permitted. Dress neatly—it makes a good impression. Musical auditions must be accompanied by the piano—no taped music will be accepted.

An accompanist will be provided; bring sheet music. No dance auditions will be permitted.

Auditions must be solo presentations. Other students may not perform with you. You will be requested to begin your audition with only an introduction (name; school; name of selection(s)). Students will be allowed a maximum of two minutes (not including the introduction). Time will be called if students exceed the two-minute maximum. Time will not permit oral or written critiques. Audition sessions are closed to delegates who are not auditioning. In the performance category you may perform one two-minute selection (song or monologue) or two contrasting one-minute selections (two monologues or one song/one monologue). No taped music will be permitted, and no singing a cappella. When choosing your performance piece, please avoid selections with dialects, accents, and any classical material unless you have been specifically trained in these areas.

Michael Sheeks,
Mar 12, 2012, 8:52 AM