2009 MN SCB Annual Meeting:  

Greening the Economy for Real: Incorporating Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, and Sustainability

April 17, 2009, Macalester College, St. Paul MN

The current global economic crisis poses both significant conservation challenges and opportunities. Many governments are calling for new investments in greening their economies and infrastructure. For example, the Obama administration has promised to focus spending on greening energy and technology, creating thousands of new "green" jobs. What are the implications of this effort for conservation? What is the role of Conservation Biology in helping to shape this transition to a greener economy? What frameworks are needed to evaluate the accuracy of claims to "green"? What does "greening the economy" really mean?

Join us for great speakers, deep conversation, and an opportunity to share your own research and questions!

Wes Jackson's keynote address was recorded, and is available for viewing here