Real Estate Investing - Are You Listening To the Right People?

No matter where you are, you will always find people who are pessimistic about money. They will claim that, since it "takes money in order to make money," there is nothing the average person can do to better his or her financial situation.  This kind of cynicism is, in fact, unwarranted, as there is no magical force field separating the world of the rich from that of the average Joe.  You shouldn't listen to the media alarmists and others who constantly claim that the sky is falling - if you listen to the right people, you will hear that anyone can develop the tools they need in order to make money.

You may have heard discouraging words from the media regarding the plummeting values and rising prices of property investments.  Like many people, you may consider success in real estate to be an utterly impossible goal in today's economy.  If this is the case, however, you've been listening to the wrong people; in reality, people are making money in real estate right now, and you can too, if you listen to the right people.

This isn't a difficult principle.  Think about the people you know who are cynical and jaded about the very possibility of financial success.  Are any of them wealthy?  Not a chance!  If you want to know how you can make more money, don't go to those who obviously have no clue.  Find someone who has actually succeeded, and ask him or her for advice; what you'll hear is that becoming rich as an investor really isn't as difficult as you may think.  So why doesn't everyone invest?  First of all, people are fooled by pessimists into thinking that it's a losing game.

This fear and hesitancy is the direct result of listening to people who don't know the real story.

Secondly, most people do not become successful investors because they overcomplicate things.  Successful investors follow a systematic plan, allowing their wealth to steadily grow.  They do not risk it all to make a quick buck off of some dubious moneymaking scheme.  Most people do not have the discipline to forego flashy scams and persevere on the proven path to wealth.  The adrenaline rush of making a gamble is certainly tempting, but those who succumb to this temptation frequently end up worse off than they were when they started.

Sensationalism is a proven way to appeal to basic human nature, and that's why, rather than informing people about the tried and true ways that money can be made, the news media instead focuses on  scaring the average Joe into believing in a grim picture of how the world works.  With this kind of negativity on display on television and in print, it's no surprise that many see the world as a bleak place, where it is next to impossible to get ahead.

Fortunately, this destructive and self-defeating perspective is far from accurate.

If you aspire to success in the world of property investing, it's essential that you listen to those who have experience in the game, those who know the ropes and can teach you what you need to know.  Consulting these people will help you to develop the systematic plan that you will follow to financial success.  The key is not to get suckered in by proclamations of gloom from the news media, but rather to understand that you do have the potential to succeed, and to learn the proven strategies from those who have come before you.

Realtor and Author Alexandria P. Anderson uses the Plymouth Real Estate Listings to help her MN realty clients find  Plymouth Condos in Minnesota.