How To Get Preapproved And Prequalified As A First Time Home Buyer

One of the most important steps to home buying involves getting the right loan amount for your ideal property. There are several ways you can get prequalified to purchase a home and preapproved for a home loan, and it's generally a good idea to check your credit report before approaching this step. A prospective lender will be reviewing your credit report and other financial details in great detail as you set the prequalification or preapproval process in motion, and you can obtain a free credit report from any of the three major credit bureaus to check it for errors.

If you do find errors in your credit report, make attempts to have them cleared up as soon as possible and keep written records of all communications with the creditors or the credit bureaus themselves. After that, you're ready to approach the financial side of home buying; here are a few ideas for getting prequalified or preapproved for your first home:

1. Check the different mortgage programs through the Internet. You can find several loan packages and compilation of the latest interest rates through websites like and Examine these options in the Internet and if you want to have a preliminary review - you can give your personal details. As soon as you have forwarded all the necessary information, a representative will contact and guide you for the remaining steps to follow.

2. Visit and seek the help of your local bank. The best authority from your area bank to ask help from are mortgage officers in case you want to get a prequalification letter or preapproval status. This may take some time to accomplish compared to the online process, according to Ilyce Glink, author of '100 Questions Every First Time Home Buyer Should Ask'. But if you are the type of person who find it easier to get things started going to the bank and talk to a representative in person, this may be what you need. The same kind of service is provided.

3. Transact using the telephone. Related prequalification services are also provided over the telephone by some lending companies, and you don't have to visit a bank or browse the Internet to begin. Secure the number through a bank or financial institution and from there, you may start sending yout personal details over the telephone.

4. Engage the service of a national lender. These lending companies may provide you a wider array of options than that of a bank or online processes; examples of national lending institutions are Countryside Home Loans and Bank of America. Know more about the current rates in their website and get your home loan pre-qualified after sending your personal information.

5. Visit an aggregator website. This type of online resource provides documents on rates and services offered by different lenders and a good option where you can submit your personal information instead of a bank or any other financial institutions. Several options are available for you to choose from after you have submitted your info.

Getting prequalified and preapproved for a home loan is the first important step in home buying. Use any of the above resources to get the process started and get the best rates for your future mortgage.

About the Author: Alexandria P. Anderson is a Plymouth Real Estate agent that helps people to find and purchase Plymouth Homes for Sale and properties in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.