Get Rich The Time-Tested Way: Invest In Property

If you are going to get rich, you may have to give up everything you ever learned in school and from your parents and start from scratch. Now that's not a definite by any means. You may not have to start over. If someone along the line taught you, for instance that it doesn't actually take money to make money, then you may already be on the right track.

That's right. Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Rich Dad book series, said it exactly like this: "It doesn't take money to make money. I often hear people say it takes money to make money. I disagree. We had no money when we started and we were also in debt. It also doesn't take a formal education."

Kiyosaki proceeded to cite the case of Bill Gates: the Microsoft mogul never actually graduated from college, but did that keep him from making his fortune? No way! Diplomas are nice, but they don't reliably add up to more money.

Robert Kiyosaki claims that to become wealthy, you simply need to be a quick learner, with enthusiasm about reaching your goals. The other part of the puzzle is to know where you're at right now in relation to money, and how you will have to change your attitude about money to prosper in the future. This is where Kiyosaki's Cash Flow Quadrant comes in.

The diagram entitled the Cash Flow Quadrant represents one of the most important lessons that Robert Kiyosaki learned from his Rich Dad. It comprises a square split into quarters, which represent the four ways in which individuals can relate to money: as n Employee, a Self-Employed individual, a Businessperson, or an Investor. The diagram serves to demonstrate that a person's behavior with money is intertwined with his or her upbringing, innate personality, and perspective on the world at large.

What Robert Kiyosaki means when he says that in order to build wealth, you need to be a quick learner, is that you must learn the ropes of investing. Following in the steps of "Rich Dad," Kiyosaki himself invested in real estate - a great choice for anyone considering investing, as so much depends on it. In his "Rich Dad," book, he points out how many of Hawaii's businesses were located on land owned by Rich Dad.

But he doesn't just mean you have to learn the nuts and bolts of investing. You do have to learn about those things, at least to the point that you are able to intelligently choose a professional to help you with your investments. But more importantly than that, you have to learn how to think like an investor, and possibly a bit like a business person too.

Now, this is quite different from being in the 'S' or self-employed section of the Cash Flow quadrant, because, a self-employed person doesn't own a business; he or she simply owns a job. Those who own businesses, says Kiyosaki, can leave for a year and return to find your organization still intact and profitable - being a businessperson means that you are able to delegate authority to the right people, and not take on an excessive amount of responsibility yourself.

In the end, it doesn't really matter if you dive headfirst into the study of investing yourself, or you simply hire a qualified expert to help you make your decisions. The important part is that if you really want to strike it rich, you must be willing to move from the 'E' and 'S' squares of the Cash Flow Quadrant into squares 'B' and 'I,' which are where the real money is.

Alexandria P. Anderson is a licensed Minnesota Realtor that uses the MN MLS to help her clients to find and purchase Homes in Minnesota.