Home of Minnesota Bolters

Bolting is a dangerous activity and can also be hazardous to climbers if things are not done right.
No one recommends you use any of these techniques, Work with equipment manufactures to
determine your own techniques.
This is a site I'm creating to keep people updated on bolting activities in Minnesota. Bolting activities
are being sponsored by the Minnesota Climbing Association  and being performed by a group of likeminded
volunteers that want to make climbing safer for everyone in the State of Minnesota.
This site will contain information on:
  • Bolting updates
  • Bolting techniques used by myself
  • GENEROUS donations by our sponsors that keep this effort alive
  • Misc documents to support the effort
The Goal
  1. Red Wing: Replace every anchor, 3/8" bolt, and 3" bolt in that order. Highly recommend you do not climb on any 3/8"
    bolts at this time.
  2. Sandstone: Win the support of the Sandstone Community so climbing will live forever and expand to Banning. Get
    people climbing and leaving money behind by installing as many 5.8 to 5.10 routes as possible. Build up bouldering
    and ice climbing as quickly as possible. Encourage responsible use.
  • Michael Endrizzi
  • edreez 'at' hotmail 'dot' com