Minnehaha Beekeepers of Hennepin County, MN

Minnehaha Beekeepers of Hennepin County, Minnesota

The Minnehaha Beekeepers is a small, friendly discussion group of beekeepers in the western Twin Cities area of Minnesota, who meet most months to discuss beekeeping with other beekeepers. No membership dues, presentations, classes or elections. Just show up, if you are a beekeeper or future beekeeper, and want to talk about beekeeping with other beekeepers. Usually between half a dozen and a dozen beekeepers at each meeting. Disorganized by Minnetonka beekeeper Dewey Hassig.

If you buy a beekeeping book, or go to a beekeeping presentation, you only get one opinion. At the Minnehaha Beekeepers meetings, you get multiple opinions, and can ask questions.

We usually meet at Cub Foods community room on 4801 Highway 101 in Minnetonka. Thanks to Cub Foods, which allows us and other groups to use a meeting room for free, and has the hot dog stand in the summer as a fundraiser for many non profit groups in Minnetonka.

The next Minnehaha Beekeepers meeting is January 2018.   We will skip meetings in November and December, we'll meet in January, and skip February.

Honey bee on a Hyssop blossom.

I do free presentations on beekeeping, if you have a way of displaying .jpg images. No charge. Available day or evening. Contact Dewey at:   deweyhassig@gmail.com

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