Okay.  Close your eyes for just a minute.  You begin to feel the warmth, humid air drifting over you, wrapping your body in soft, moist blanket.  You detect the smell of tropical fruit and the scent of salty air.  Now, open your eyes.  As you turn the corner toward the ocean, you see it.  One hundred and eighty degrees of sparkling blue ocean, with white foamy curls of the waves breaking on the shore.  You see palm trees and segmenting sections of brown sand.  You look to the right and you see surfers bobbing in the waves waiting for the just the right wave to ride.  You look to the left and you see a grove of palm trees and an expanse of quiet water, protected by an aging reef.  You hear it:  rhythmic sounds of waves crashing against the shore.

Well you have arrived, figuratively at least, at MinneAzul.  A refuge from the biting cold for some, and a relief from the sweltering heat of the city for others.  Funny name you think─MinneAzul─ and you’d be right.  A concoction of native Spanish and Native American Ojibiwe from the Northern plains of North America:  “Minne” meaning water in Ojibiwe and “Azul” referring to blue─bluewater.  Now it make more sense.  Then there is on your left: the beach house, C2 Costa Azul.

Come inside and make yourself comfortable.  Pina coladas will be arriving soon.