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Welcome to my virtual photo gallery. 

When the RNC was in St. Paul, these photos sold at art galleries in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, as well as at the Xcel Center - where the Republican National Convention was held.  If you'd like one or more copies, please send an e-mail to me at the address below and I'll be sure to get back to you.  They're matted, mounted, and enclosed in resealable clear museum quality bags.  They are also available as 3x5 note cards. 

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Please keep in mind that these photos are copyrighted, 2008, by James Jerskey.  Unauthorized use of these photos is expressly prohibited.



Xcel Center during the week of September 1, 2008



Cathedral of Saint Paul



Landmark Center, Saint Paul



Landmark Center, Travelers Insurance, Saint Paul



Infrared of the Landmark Center / Rice Park, Saint Paul



Marjorie Mcnealy Conservatory, Como Park, Saint Paul



Xcel Center, Travelers Insurance, Cathedral of Saint Paul, Saint Paul



Cathedral of Saint Paul, Saint Paul



Landmark Center during RNC



Landmark Center from Market Street, Saint Paul



Marjorie Mcnealy Conservatory, Como Park, Saint Paul



Saint Paul, Minnesota



Wells Fargo Bank Building, Travelers Insurance, Landmark Center, Saint Paul Hotel



Xcel Center, Saint Paul Minnesota



Infrared Rice Park, Saint Paul Minnesota















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