The following artworks are from her recent show at Gallery 301 in Kobe 

(Many thanks to Ms. Akiko Kasuya ,Mr. Yujiro Ochi and   Kinzo Soga)

One has often wondered as a painter myself how much authority does a paint trace have over the artist and what kind of journey does an oil or acrylic mark on canvas make the artist paint towards some end common stand point what one might call a finished image.

These current paintings by Minja Kwon from Kobe, Japan that were on show at Gallery 301  give a partial insight into how such aesthetic journey of following one paint trace after another within her studio praxis towards some unknown point of finish reveals themselves as an image.

Kwon’s painterly oil trek across her canvasses has at times habitual looking oil marks, other paint traces are short or long that seem to reveal an artist no so much in control of each paint residue but looking for a direction of what or where to go next, in a sense a kind of randomness comes into play in the delay of painting from one point to the next, never knowing when the painterly journey ends.


The above painting resonates Kwon’s praxis randomness in following the painting traces whilst stopping at certain points across the across the canvas best. This journey of following the paint traces can be seen emerging the recent artworks like the one below, it is as though one can almost sense that Minja understands her own painting arbitrariness in pausing without controlling it and that is an interesting outcome in painting.


It will be intriguing to see where Kwon goes with this current system of painting of hers being following a recently laid down oil mark after another and  there is it seems some very beautiful colour harmonies revealing themsleves in the now and no doubt in the future with her next exhibitions.

Dr Peter Davidson


The sensory impact that resonates from this painting show by Min-ja stems from the harmonies of her oily hues, they tend to saturate ones senses as you swath through this almost musical exhibition, it's like the colours lingers in ones remembrances or it entwines itself around your nervous system, like a wonderful tune that heard for the first time, its visual poetry, full of the wonderment, this is very good painting for not many exhibitions one has encountered have this kind of ambiance.



Paintings from the Gallery 301 Exhibition in Motomachi Kobe 2016

At first glance the above smallish painting looks very decorative but often good painters camouflage there intentions within the image and this small artwork by Minja is no exception. If one looks closely at the Minja's painting there is on the top right hand side downwards there is a strange painted matrix type pattern of oil traces, like some i-cloud computer storage system. 

Dr. Peter Davidson

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