The sensory impact that resonates from this painting show by Min-ja stems from the harmonies of her oily hues, they tend to saturate ones senses as you swath through this almost musical exhibition, it's like the colours lingers in ones remembrances or it entwines itself around your nervous system, like a wonderful tune that heard for the first time, its visual poetry, full of the wonderment, this is very good painting for not many exhibitions one has encountered have this kind of ambiance.



Paintings from the Gallery 301 Exhibition in Motomachi Kobe 2016

At first glance the above smallish painting looks very decorative but often good painters camouflage there intentions within the image and this small artwork by Minja is no exception. If one looks closely at the Minja's painting there is on the top right hand side downwards there is a strange painted matrix type pattern of oil traces, like some i-cloud computer storage system. 



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