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The purpose of this website is to list those schools trying to spread the Gospel and are in need of prayer and in some cases financial support. One should contact the ministry directly to let them know that you are praying and also if you are able to assist financially.

Located in Chesterton, IN

Located in Hobart, IN

Last updated by Ron Seman Ministries on 12/16/2011

This is a new church plant in Chicago metro area in Northwest Indiana. It is leading many away from substance abuse with the help of the Holy Spirit and many lives are being transformed.

I have been serving here at New Hope for 6 years and we are starting to see God do good things. 
When I came here we had a Sunday Morning service of 25 people. We are currently averaging just over 100 on Sunday Mornings. 

We are starting a Christian School at our church this fall for ages 3 up to the 8th grade. We hope to be able to add the high school grades as the school grows. We already have 25 students enrolled and are looking to enroll up to 40. We have a group of dedicated Christian teachers who have made some extreme sacrifices for us to be able to start the school. They have done this because they see, as do I, the need for a solid Christian education in the lives of the children in our community. The school has many needs such as computers for the computer lab, playground equipment for the children’s recreation time and a fence to separate the yard from the street.. Computer and playground cost could be as much as $15,000.

We also have many visions for the church. We want to open the fellowship area on Sunday morning as a new worship center because of the limited space that we have in our sanctuary. This area would serve a twofold purpose. It would give us more setting and it would allow us to reach a different generation of people. We are hoping to be able to set up tables and put coffee out so that it would become more family friendly. To do this we still need projection and sound equipment along with a camera so that the Sunday morning worship service could be shown on a screen in the new worship area as I am preaching in the sanctuary. The cost of setting this up would be between $4,000 and $6,000.

As for our future vision I have been asking God to give us a 6 acre piece of land that is for sale just a little way from our current location. We have a dream of building a larger Worship Center and attached school with more rooms for teaching and room for growth as the Lord continues to bless us. I have not even began to look at the overall cost on this project but have faith that God will supply our need.

During the past 5 years our church has been operating on about $60,000 a year. We have no debt as of right now but we minister to a large group who are not able to support the work of the church. I still have a full time job so that I don’t burden the church by needing a larger salary but its getting harder to work and minister to everyone as the church grows. I know God is aware of all our needs and that He will provide. Thank you for taking time to consider how you and maybe some of your friends might be able to assist us in our ministry for the Lord together. Would be glad to sit and talk with you if you want to get together.

Sincerely, Pastor Jeff Spencer