1. About being a person.

Curso Básico de Formación de Valores del Cubano - English


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Our purpose: To alleviate the anthropological damage in Cuba.

Nuestro propósito: Aliviar el daño antropológico en Cuba. 


1.  About being a person.

       We begin by requesting four (4) volunteers and explaining their functions:  one will serve as a person, the other one will act as a mirror, the other one act as an animal, a dog, and the other one will be tied up and imprisoned.  The person must draw a house and every one else has to try to do the same within their means.  Logically, the mirror is limited to reproduce what the person draws.  The animal cannot draw anything, and the imprisoned one, thinks, knows and wants to but cannot accomplish anything.


After this it is noted that the person has thought about what he wants, has made a decision, and has carried it out.  The mirror has limited itself to reproducing one by one the lines drawn by the person.  It could not think, decide, nor act accordingly.  The animal, nothing, it cannot think, it cannot decide, and cannot carry out.  And the imprisoned one can think, wants to and is able to carry things out, but is unable to because/she he is not free.


We see here the qualities that distinguish a person from other beings.  The person has intelligence, is capable of thinking and deciding, and since he/she is free, carries out what he/she wants.


Later, in summary, the person is a complete human being with intelligence, will, and freedom.


He/she is different from an animal, because even though at times, an animal seems capable of thought, he is not really capable of it, and is only guided by instinct.  An animal is similar of something preprogrammed, and does something typical of that animal.  For example, why does the cat eat fish, and the cow eats grass?


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