3. We are worth, who we are.

Curso Básico de Formación de Valores del Cubano - English


 Ministerios al Rescate

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Our purpose: To alleviate the anthropological damage in Cuba.

Nuestro propósito: Aliviar el daño antropológico en Cuba. 

3. We are worth, who we are.

We request four volunteers,  3 females,  and 1 male, and we give them the texts they are going to use in the following sociodrama:


A young man goes out to visit a sick friend, and on the way he meets another young person who invites him to a party.  He explains to her that he would like to attend it but that he already has another commitment and that his sick friend is waiting for him to come and keep him company.  He thanks her but repeats himself that he cannot go.  She insists in her petition and adds that it deals with a very important man, the owner of a house who owns all the latest electrical appliances, and in addition he is a man of great influence.


He continues to answer the same thing and finally leaves.  As he is leaving, she yells out at him, “Okay, but it’s your loss.”


She recounts the what happened to another two women who were nearby.  And speaks of him in this manner:  “These young men of today, they don’t learn, look at what he’s missing.” And she leaves the scene.


Then the two women continue to talk among themselves and repeat the same thing.  “We have to educate better the young men of today, they do not want to learn, can you imagine missing that opportunity?”  The other one responds in assent.  And the sociodrama ends.


Commentary and reflection:  You form several teams and give them some questions:


        --What did you think of this?  What was the young man’s attitude?


 --What was the attitude of the first woman?  Did she have good or bad intentions?  Was this a good invitation she was extending to him?


--What should the young man have answered her?


--What opinion did you form of the other women?


You see, the important thing is not what you have but what you are.  It is not what you wear or what you own what gives worth to a person, but his own human condition and his values inside.   A person is not worth more because of the position he/she holds, his profession or his money.



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