5. Family life.

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Nuestro propósito: Aliviar el daño antropológico en Cuba. 

5. Family life. 


In order to embark on this topic, we must first define what a family is. 


Family can be a group of persons made up of spouses and children, and possibly  also other persons like grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, in-laws, etc., that live together under the same roof and who carry out their lives in unison. 


The fundamental nucleus of the family is the basic cell of society.  In order for this to be good, families must be good and strongly constituted.  A disintegrated family is weak and its nucleus will produce a weak and disintegrated society. 


For this reason, it is extremely and fundamentally important that we support family life and spousal union, including unity with the children.  This means to always work towards their unity and not their separation.


It is necessary to promote the privacy and integrity of the independent life of each family.  Difficult circumstances, as the ones presently found in Cuba, the lack of adequate housing, and the crowding into one house of several spousal units, have conspired against the stability and integrity of these marriages and their families.

Each family must seek to organize certain moments of the day or week to be able to be together, at dinnertime, at times of relaxation or diversion, at prayertime, at excursions, etc.  And the parents must seek to sacrifice some time in order to be with their children, play and converse with them, and to find that closeness and trust typical of true family live. 

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