6. The Family and the Education of children.

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 6. The Family and the Education of Children.

The goal of a marriage and of a family is on the one hand the happiness of the couple and their human and spiritual growth; on the other hand there is procreation and the education of the children.   No marriage is admissible where only the first goal is sought, without any consideration to the other goal.   Such a marriage would be ignoring a serious responsibility before society.  At least, under normal circumstances and conditions.


It is therefore, a serious duty of the parents to know how to dedicate part of their time and activity toward the attention and care of their children, not only in the material and biological sense, but in the intellectual and spiritual sense as well.    It is derelict in this sense and would represent a serious fault in the carrying out of their obligations as mother and/or father.


Do you think this is always carried out?  Please set out some examples that you know of and give us your comments on them.


Parents are the innate and primary educators of their children.  They can delegate part of that education to teachers or other educators chosen by them, but cannot delegate to persons who would pretend to inculcate on their children such principles which would be opposed to that of their parents, or which would impede in any way the necessary contact between parents and children, in order to promote their relevant educational influence on them.


It is for this reason that care must be taken that children are sufficiently close to home so that periods of time whereby children are away from home at school or busy with other activities do not become too frequent or prolonged.


Parents must be continuously watchful over the activities undertaken by their children and should accompany them to these activities whenever possible.  They must supervise in a special manner their modes of recreation or diversion, their TV and/or radio programs, and the movies they have access to, because these could be very harmful to them.  For the same reasons, they must observe closely who they are keeping company with and who their friends are.


Education is a labor of love.  If the parents give love to their children, they will sense this love and will it return in kind.  In the same manner, parents must give their children an example of loving life among themselves and keep their arguments and discussions for the moments and places in which their children are not present.  Children must be raised in an atmosphere of peace and happiness.  Parents must take care that this atmosphere is always preserved in their home.



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