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Here's a list of websites which have paper models of skyscrapers (and the odd ancient pyramid) to print out and assemble, most are free but some require hard earned cash.

The scales differ between websites so you may need to adjust the scale of the pages you're printing if you want consistency. The models generally tend to come out at 1:1700 scale without rescaling and I've used that for consistency in my website's models at The Epson website also appears to be using much the same scale from appearances when I assembled the Petronas Towers. Give them a try.

For the Burj Dubai, the file is now in two places!

First place is hoddy1991's model at

but you will need to follow this thread to ask hoddy1991 for the password to unlock the file

Alternatively, the second place is ReiAyanami's model (no password) at

The files from this list are also represented on Dequal's website Check it out.

Models by Ausie. The first lot are not 1:1700 scale, the second lot are:

citibank tower


lighthouse tower dubai

aon centre los angeles

shenyang international centre

bank of america plaza, seattle

55 public square building, cleveland

emirates bank, dubai

ibm building, chicago

jadine house hong kong

mid continental building

lever building

new 5 world trade centre


oasis tower, dubai

one battery park plaza, new york city

one main place, seattle

one state street, new york




tryp oreinte

united centre hong kong

united nations secretariat new york


al rostamani building dubai

dubai chamber of commerce

hsbc bank tower, hong kong

amp centre sydney

nauru house melbourne

brisbane administration building

cbs building

commonwealth bank building melbourne

papramount plaza

sydney building

anz bank tower perth

posted on correct 1:1700 scale

599 lexington avenue

capricorn tower dubai

church office building

melbourne central tower

new york performing arts centre

mag 218 building dubai

anz bank tower perth

new york times building

paramount plaza

c.w. moore plaza

100 wall street

299 park avenue

1251 avenue of the americas

centrepoint tower london

collins place melbourne

watercube stadium beijing[/url]

mirante do vale

jp morgan tower

pirelli tower

the gate dubai ifc

times square tower new york

wells fargo centre boise idaho

zions bank boise idaho

ocean tower 1 bangok

standard insurance building

seattle model i forget the name of

2 prudential plaza

solow building new york

equitable building

us bank tower, boise idaho

john hancock tower boston

jp morgan chase world headquarters

bank atlantic

renaissance centre detroit

1400 smith street

lakepoint tower chicago
pixel version
photo version

harbour point chicago

chinese peoples liberations building

101 collins street

al rostimani building dubai

rs&sss building

citigroup centre nyc

swissòtel chicago

55 water street

elite residence dubai

abu dhabi plaza base

la reve dubai

tacoma narrows bridge
Guide for bridge

first canadian place reclad

rotating tower dubai

Sydney Harbour Bridge

the yingli tower

Models by ReiAyanami (Skyscrapercity forum member)


Shinjuku Mitsui Building:

Shinjuku Sumitomo Building:

Shinjuku Center Building:

NTT DoCoMo Yoyogi Building:

Tokyo Tower:
Transparent A4:

Shinjuku Nomura Building:

Sompo Japan Building:

http://Metropolitan Government Build.../untitled1.png

eaglegate plaza

The Al Yaquob Tower

chelsea tower

AlKazim towers

emirates park towers

marina 101

infinity tower

marina 106

the torch

tuntex sky tower

torre vitri panama

al attar

global financial building

375 east wacker drive

nahkeel tower
Chicago Spire
Freedom Tower (New World Trade Centre)
Taipei 101
Shanghai World Financial Centre
Sears Tower
Jin Mao Tower
Empire State Building
Bank of China
Aon Center
John Hancock Center
Chrysler Building
First Canadian Place
Cheung Kong Center
40 Wall Street (Trump Building)
OUB Centre
Sunshine 60
World Trade Centre
CNA Plaza
Great Pyramid of Khufu
MLC Centre
Trump World Tower
Aon Centre
Cheung Kong Center
IBM Building
8 Canada Square (HSBC)
One Chase Manhattan Plaza
Trump World Tower
One Liberty Plaza
New 7 WTC
One Chase Manhattan Plaza
Emirates Hotel Tower
Emirates Office Tower
World Trade Center

Nightfly (Skyscrapercity forum member)

Transamerica Pyramid, San Francisco

US Bank Tower, Los Angeles

Flatiron Building, New York City

HSBC Bank Building (Marine Midland Building), New York City

Trump Tower, New York City

One Financial Square, New York City

The Millenium Hilton, New York City:

GE Building (RCA Building), New York City:

Sony Tower (former AT&T Building), New York City:

One Worldwide Plaza, New York City:

590 Madison Avenue (IBM Building), New York City

520 Madison Avenue (Continental Illinois Center), New York City
Aon center (Free download - the others you have to pay for)
Wrigley Building
Water Tower
Sears Tower
Reliance Building
Marina City
Lake Point Tower
John Hancock Center
Inland Steel Building
35 E. Wacker Dr. (Jeweler's Building)
Chicago Tribune Tower
1 Canada Square (Canary Wharf)
25 Canada Square (Citigroup)
122 Leadenhall
Shard London Bridge
St. Helen's (Aviva/Commercial Union)
Beetham Tower Manchester
One Liberty Plaza
Seagram Building
Sheffield Arts Tower
6-8 Bishopsgate
John Hancock center
Sears Tower
Bank of China
Empire State Building
San Francisco (Transamerica) Pyramid
Taipei 101

john87 (Skyscrapercity forum member)

Torre la Merced (Ecuador)
20 Exchange Place (NY)

Citigroup center (NY)
Banco BBVA (Madrid)
Torre Picazo (Madrid)

JW117 (Skyscrapercity forum member)

Tuntex 85 Sky Tower, Kaohsiung:
1:1700 (print resolution: 86 pixel per inch) - height: (roof 20.4cm, antenna 22.2cm) 347m/378m
Difficulty: 50%

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, Tokyo:
1:1700 (print resolution: 173 pixel per inch) - height: (roof 14cm) 238m
Difficulty: 65%

Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai:
1:1700 (print resolution: 173 pixel per inch) - height: (roof 28.9cm) 492m
Difficulty: 60%

Guangzhou IFC (West Tower), Guangzhou:
1:1700 (print resolution: 173 pixel per inch) - height: (roof 25.9cm) 440m
Difficulty: 70%
<!> if u use thicker paper such as 165g/m2 i used for this model, its recommended to use a black or dark green marker to cover the top and bottom edge as shown on step 3.
<!> adjust the inner connecting belt shown on step 9 depending on the thickness of paper for this model.

XENO (Skyscrapercity forum member)

Continental Center NY

Osaka Mitsui Bussan Building

Exchange Tower

Harbor Towers, from boston ma

H20 93 (Skyscrapercity forum member)

Torre cajamadrid


Federation Tower

naberezhnaya tower
World Trade Center (Free download - the others you have to pay for)
AT&T Building
Citicorp Center
Empire State Building
Flatiron Building
Bank of China
Taj Mahal
Petronas Towers
Star Tower
World Trade Centre
Chrysler Building
Empire State Building
Yokohama Landmark Tower
Fukuoka Tower
World Trade Center

Skymx (SkyscraperCity forum member)

Torre Latino Americana (Mexico City)
Torre Mayor (Mexico City)

Pan Am/Met Life Building (New York)
1 Canada Square (Canary Wharf)
2 IFC (International Finance Centre)
Empire State Building
Stuttgart Television Tower

SameerSamoa (SkyscraperCity forum member)
101 Collins Street (Melbourne)
15 Park Row (New York)

Coruscant (Skyscrapercity forum member)
Chicago - Water Tower Place (Beta Test Model)
2 models from the Japan Real Estate Investment Corporation
Mile High Illinois
A mono downloadable of 30 St Mary Axe (London's "The Gherkin") from STR of
Turning Torso in Malmo, Sweden. Look for downloads under the heading Läs/Se mer.
Host of German architectural models, including the Berliner Fernsehturm

Art Tower MITO

Polish Expo 2010 building

Seattle Public Library

Ausie (SkyscraperCity forum member)
One Times Square

Illinois Historical Buildings

Fountain Place in Dallas by ddrmaxgt37 (SkyscraperCity Forum)

Tour Montparnasse (Paris)

ohjingoh (Skyscrapercity forum member)
KLI 63 Bulding Seoul, S.Korea

Jason Rackawack (Skyscrapercity forum member)
Martin Tower, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

ChicagoFreak96 (Skyscrapercity forum member)
mono of Smurfit-Stone building (Chicago)

quanghuynhchung (SkyscraperCity forum member)
Chinese People's Liberation Army Forces Building (Hong Kong)


As an aside, check out the architectural museum pages in the Canon papercraft website. Not strictly skyscrapers but stunning papercraft models when assembled.


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