What Are They Talking About?

What are people talking about right now?

Perhaps the main question that we want to answer from a twitter analysis is 
to know what people are talking about some given topic, or what a given user(s)
is talking about.

Usually the quickest way to know more about what people are talking about some specific topic is by visualizing the most frequent words and terms contained in the tweets.
We can do this by creating a barplot with the most frequent terms or we can use a
more visually attractive option consisting of using some kind of tag cloud (wordcloud)
Both options are good but they have one main limitation: they don't show how the words are related. They only reflect the most popular words in the tweets.

If what we want is to have insight about the possible relationships of words, the recommended advise is to use some sort of graph (or network) to see those relationships. Let's see some simple examples.

Simple Wordcloud

Comparison Wordcloud

Tweets about some given topic

Tweets of some given user (ex 1)
Tweets of some given user (ex 2)

Modified tag-cloud