Safety Policy of a Major Mining Company

  1. To Plan and design all operations in such a way as to eliminate, or materially reduce, the mining hazards.
  2. To implement the statutory Regulations and Rules, and to make strenuous efforts for achieving superious standards of safety.
  3. To cooperate with the Inspectorate and the mine equipment manufactures in developing superious standards of safety.
  4. To recognise the superiority of safety and health factors where there is competition with economic factors .
  5. To regard safe working as taking precedence over improvisation and unsafe practices.
  6. To bring about improvement in working conditions by suitable changes in technology
  7. To provide all material and monetary resources needed for the smooth and efficeint execution of the safety plans.
  8. To regand statutory rules and regulations as the minimum acceptable and strive for standards that are superior.
  9. To deploy the safety personnel wholly and solely for accident prevention work.
  10. To organise appropriate forums, with employees' representatatives, for joint consultation on safety matters, and to secure there motivation and commitment in safety managment.
  11. To provide for a "safety suggestion Scheme" and careful consideration of all submissions.
  12. To prepare Annual Safety Plans and Long-term Safety Plans at the beginning of every calender year, both for the company adn for the individual units, to effect improved safety in the various operations, as per respective geo-mining needs.
  13. To prepare the individual units for the onset of the monsoon.
  14. To take measures for overcoming the individual accident-proneness, which may be reflected through the accident analysis.
  15. to set up a framework for the execution of the Safety Plicy and plans.
  16. To arrange for the multi-level monitoring of the implementation of the safety Plans through the Internal Safety Organization at the Head quarters and the area levels.
  17. To ensure that all senior executives, at all leves of management, continue to indicate a safety consciousness in their working.
  18. To institute continuous education, training and re-training of all employees, with the accent placed on the development of safety - oriented skill.
  19. To make continuous efforts to better the living conditions and health of all the employees, both in and outside the mines. 
  20. To provide for medical examination for all employees and treatment for injuries. 
  21. To provide a staff of trained workmen's inspectors to monitor he safety of the mine and to locate unsafe conditions / practices and have them corrected. 
  22. To furnish work-place free from recognized hazards likely to cause death, injury, or illness. 
  23. To supervisors accountable for the safety performance of their activity and regularly measure their achievements in controlling accidents and losses. 
  24. To provide for the maximum use by all employees of protective equipment and safety devices to minimize accidents. 
  25. To investigate and discuss all important accidents by the Pit Safety Committee and to apply effective remedies. 
  26. To ensure the prevention, suppression, treatment, collection, and removal of the harmful dust at all times, and to provide, and consistently use, the dust suppression equipment, both at the surface and underground.
  27. To ensure good illumination, with proper washing and sanitary facilities, in the main surface buildings and yards. 

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