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For mining consultancy mine owners are requested to fill the registration form for mining consultancy. Registration Form  No fees required for registration.  Our Mining consultant will contact you only on mail during the registration period. After the registration contact number / mobile number will be informed by mail.  A MINING ENGINEER WITH NEW VISION FOR THE MINING INDUSTRY. Mechanized Open Cast Mine and Under Ground Mining Methods of Extraction of Ore from the Earth. Explosives and Blasting in Mines
COMPUTER BLASTING MODULES. N G Nair the only name you can trust on mining consultancy. N G Nair mining Consultant India.
Contact.   mining.engineers@gmail.com
Dedicated to the Vision of My father and Teacher from Thottakom Vaikom Kerala India.  , Sarla Nair India (Copper Mining Family)Mining Engineers Dairy - Metalliferous Mines India‎  Blasting in Mines to improve Fragmentation and Reduce Ground Vibration in Mines - ‘Blasting in Mines – An Art or a Science? My Published works in Mining Technology are the only my assets I have with me. Any Mining Organization can be benefited. Mobile. 09020264651