Tutorials and talks

Tutorials and Talks

MiG related tutorials and presentations are available below:

User Tutorials

If you are looking for information on how to use MiG you may want to check out the

Intro for new users of MiG   pdf

or refer to

MiG user scripts: documentation with examples

for command line interface information.

There is also an older tutorial which may be somewhat outdated by now:

Old tutorial for new users of MiG pdf


From MiG Day in May 2012:

VGrid Collaboration Tools pdf

PyCSP on MiG pdf

Virtual Machines with VNC Access pdf

CphVB Service in MiG pdf

MiG Home SFTP/SSHFS Access pdf

From EuroPython 2011:

MiG - A Complete Grid Middleware (mostly) in Python  pdf

From MiG Day in May 2010:

Remote Memory in MiG pdf

ESS McStas on MiG pdf

MiG VGrid SCM pdf

MiG Software Repository pdf