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Adding a resource to MiG

The PS3-LIVECD resource

By booting this LIVECD, you can turn your Playstation 3 into a MiG resource without installing any software on the Playstation. The system will run in a totally isolated environment (sandbox). The LIVECD cannot compromise or access neither the SONY gameOS nor other linux distributions located on the Playstation. You can download it here PS3-LIVECD Please visit he README.txt file located in the root of the LIVECD for instructions on how to boot the LIVECD on the Playstation 3.


MiG One-Click resource

With a single mouse click you can turn your PC into a MiG resource using the One-Click system


MiG Screen Saver Sandbox

Using this screen saver, you can donate the idle time processing power from your PC when it is in screen saver mode. All applications are executed in a sandbox, i.e. they are totally isolated from your PC and cannot compromise or access your system. You can download it here MiG-SSS

Dedicated MiG Resources

Permanent resources like clusters and supercomputers are slightly more complex to add and administrate but they provide more efficiency than the various sandbox methods above. MiG users can sign up their resources on their personal Resources page using the link at the bottom. The resource must provide a dedicated MiG user account with ssh access and the curl software. Additional information about the configuration is available at the SourceForge project wiki.