Getting started

Verification of MiG servers

If you want to use MiG, we recommend that you import our CA certificate in your browser first, to help verify the validity of all MiG servers that you communicate with. Otherwise you may receive security warnings in your browser that our servers can not be verified and thus should not be trusted.

Please click on the link below to import the MiG CA certificate directly in your browser:

Import the MiG CA certificate in your browser

If you are prompted for a trust level during the import you should at least select to trust the CA for identifying web sites. On Windows you may have to manually select the 'Trusted Root Certification Authority' certificate store in the import wizard.

You can also download the MiG CA certificate file, but you will receive it along with your certificate, too, so you probably only need to click the import link above:

Download the CA certificate

MiG certificate generation request

If you think you are entitled to a MiG certificate you can request one by using the sign up link on the How to get started page and following the certificate import guide there.

MiG dashboard and job submission page

Once you have a valid MiG certificate imported in your browser you can open your personal dashboard for an overview or go directly on to submit jobs to be executed on MiG resources.

MiG Monitors

The public monitor displays jobs, resources and server status. If you are a member of one or more VGrids you can find similar monitors for each of them on your VGrids page.

MiG certificate renewal

If you have a MiG certificate that is about to expire you can easily renew it on the certificate request/renewal page. If it already expired you can still renew it but then you need to manually fill in all the original certificate request fields on the certificate request page.