About the Project

Minimum intrusion Grid (MiG) is an attempt to design a new platform for Grid computing which is driven by a stand-alone approach to Grid, rather than integration with existing systems. The goal of the MiG project is to provide Grid infrastructure where the requirements on users and resources alike is as small as possible (minimum intrusion). MiG strives for minimum intrusion but will seek to provide a feature rich and dependable Grid solution.


MiG's main features (when fully implemented):
  • Minimum intrusion on user and resource
  • Few dependencies on user and resource
  • Scalable
  • Autonomous (Updating grid without user/resource software
  • Anonymous (Users and resources can't see identity of each other if desired)
  • Fault tolerance
  • Load balancing
  • Firewall compliant
  • Strong scheduling (grid level)
  • Simple implementation
  • Cooperative support (user-defined data-structures)
  • Banking/accounting