Welcome to MiG

Minimum intrusion Grid (MiG) is an attempt to design a new platform for Grid computing which is driven by a stand-alone approach to Grid, rather than integration with existing systems. The goal of the MiG project is to provide Grid infrastructure where the requirements on users and resources alike is as small as possible (minimum intrusion). MiG strives for minimum intrusion but will seek to provide a feature rich and dependable Grid solution. Read on in English ... or have a look at the Introduction to MiG in Danish .

MiG mostly provides dedicated storage and execution resources but it also supports Sandboxes to allow anyone to donate spare computing resources to the grid. Further details about sandboxes is available in Danish and in English .

We additionally maintain MiG projects at SourceForge and Google Groups to host all our public documentation and code. Please take a look there if you do not find what you look for here.

If you already have an account on our grid you can also head over to your personal entry page and use it.