You Have Changed Me


My heart, once dark and black

tainted by the filth of this cold, cruel world,

is now enlightened by the love

that radiates from your eyes when you look at me

Your most beautiful smile

tatoo'd forever in my mind

fills me with the greatest pleasure I could ever know.

When I am by your side, I am complete,

more than I have ever been,

and this new sense of totalness fills me with the greatest joy.

When you are not with me, my heart calls your name

and every part of me aches

and longs to be near you.

Before I met you, I never knew what love truly was,

but only lust, which cannot nearly compare.

Say you'll forever be with me,

and make me the happiest that ever anyone could be,

for with you, I no longer know the meaning of sorrow.

You, oh you my love,

have changed me in the best possible way...

and now I am blessed.



To Have and to Hold

 I was down i n the dumps

My life was a mess

I didn't know

How to deal with the stress


My sorrow and anger

Were too much to take

I needed a vacation

I needed a break


And that's what I got

the day I met you

You came into my life

From out of the blue


You filled up the emptiness

That lay in my heart

And I knew that I loved you

Right from the start


Now my nights aren't so lonely

With you by my side

And I'm hoping that one day

I'll make you my bride


Then you'll be mine

To have and to hold

And we'll be so happy together

In this world of darkness, misery and cold