The Emptiness


Haunted by a hollow feeling

a feeling of emptiness deep inside of me

an emptiness that I cannot fill

Not with food or water

Not with friendship or even the love of another

A feeling that just won't go away

That can't be taken from me

There's nothing I can do or say to make this feeling go away

Eventually it will fade

Disappear in much the way it came

And I've nothing to do but wait for it to leave

And when it does, things will be better

Better untill the next time

Until the feeling comes back to haunt me again

It always does



Sweet Lemons


Under her control I am

Trapped by the shackles that hold me down.

Tied to a ball and chain

Yes, a chain

A chain that ties me to a lifetime of suffering and an eternity of misery.

Only I can break free, but do I have the power?

Do I have the strength?

Or am I bound to a lifetime of pain?

The pain, once dreaded, but now so familiar.

Growing so accustomed to the pain, I no longer know how I could live without it.

For with the pain comes pleasure.

And in some sick, sadistic way, this is what she wants.

She gives me pleasure with the pain so that I cannot let go.

This is her power. This is her control.

The sweet taste of honey turns to the sourness of a thousand lemons.

Yet I stay and wait.

Wait for the next taste of sweet, sweet honey.



The Meaning of Life


What is the meaning of life?


We were put here on this Earth to die,

and that's what's going to happen to all of us.

Rich or poor.

Successful or not.

We can go on living our meaningless lives,

but in the end, it comes down to the same thing...

We wind up in coffins,

6 feet underground.




With one pull of the trigger...


                                      All my pain

                             All my anger

                   All my frustration

         And all my misery

Pouring out through a hole in my head.




Polly Wants a Cracker


Polly wants a cracker

but the crack whore has to deal

For tonight it's no caucasion

but a black man she must feel


Polly yells and Polly sceams 

but not once does she complain

Even though her insides

are in excruciating pain


See, Polly would do anything

for that rock she longs to smoke

To watch it melt over the ash

as she takes a great big toke


She longs to hear the ringing sound

that comes with every puff

And craves the rush that always comes

when she smokes the real good stuff


So as the nigger shoves his gigantic rod

into Polly from the back

A simple thought pops into her head...

"It sucks being hooked on crack!"