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"Full album" workaround

Copyleft: you can share this guide and use the images the way you like. :)

Some of our active members reported a problem with Facebook. When they try to share a photo from a big album (more than 100 pictures) to the wall of the group, they fail. The page waits a long time and fails to do the job.
However, some members came up with a good solution for it. In this page, we illustrate this solution in a simple language with lots of pictures.


It seems to be a Facebook bug but it doesn't affect everyone.
If you are trying to share a photo from a big album (with more than 100 pictures), it fails.


Here is the process in simple language:

Instead of directly sharing a photo from your album,

first put the photo in a temporary and small album.

Then share it from there. Facebook
happily accepts 
photos from a small album!

After you are finished, you can move the picture to other
and the photo will still remain on the wall of the group.

How to move photo from one album

Here is a visual step by step guide on how to move a photo from one album to another one. You can use this process to move photos from a big album to a temporary one, share it on a group, and them move it back to the big album! The photo will remain shared on the wall of the group.

1. Open your  album and click on "Edit Album Info":

2. Now click on the "Edit Photos" tab:

3. The "Move To" is located under each photo.

4. You can choose whatever album you like.
The picture will be moved from your temporary album to the new one.

Thanks to Rusty Hatcher and Fernando Ojeda for sharing their workaround. This guide is created by Alex Freeman for helping the community. There is no copyright protection whatsoever. You are free to share, use images, or change them the way you like.
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