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Minimalism Photo Contest

Event Link:
Time: August 2010 (2010-08-03 to 2010-09-03)


This is a joint event with our partner group "Photography".


  2. ONLY Minimalist photos (
  3. Only DIRECT upload from hard disk. Not from current albums or events. See below.
  4. (Optional) Vote for the works you "like" and help us for selection.

How to put your photo

short url:
1. Attend the event: Click on "yes" on the invitation
2. Find the place where you can write something on the wall of the event:
3. Here find the picture button:
4. Click "Upload a Photo".
5. Click Browse and locate your photo from your computer:
6. Click Share to upload your photo (you can optionally write a title too):

Selection Process

In the end we will count the votes on each image and announce the top 10 most popular works and artists. That is why we ask not to bring your photos from current albums because they may have already been "Liked". Images that don't respect the above rules will not be counted.


Not uploaded from harddisk


A few participants uploaded photos from other currently existing albums. Though we don't remove images, these works will not be counted in the contest.


Since this event solely relies on the number of "likes" on the images, we cannot recognize if an image has been "liked" before therefore we cannot accept images which are shared from a currently existing album.


This is how to check if your image has this problem:
  1. If under your image it says that it is "Also uploaded to" another event or it says the name of an album, it means that this image is carrying "likes" from another occasion so we cannot accept it in this competition.
  2. If the upload date of an image is earlier than when the contest started (3rd August 2010), it means that the image is not uploaded directly from hard disk for this competition.


1. Remove your image from the event album (click Remove This Photo from the right bottom of the image).
2. Upload the photos directly from your hard disk (see How to put your photo above)

More than 3 images

A few people have uploaded more than 3 images. Though we don't remove images, higher number of works can mean the artist cannot make up their mind for their best work. Chances are high that your votes will spread around several images. And also the event album will be too big for typical visitors to see, so some other artists will be lost in the middle of a pile of photos and that is not fair.
  1. Missing to read the rules or maybe forgetting them! ;)
  2. Some people encounter problems when uploading images to facebook and they may try to upload images several times. It cause the images to appear several times under their name.
There are more than 3 images posted from a specific person
Remove the extra images. If they are duplicated, it means your votes are spread between the images. Please locate and remove the duplicated images.

Non-minimalism works

The photo cannot be considered minimalistic in any sense. Though we don't remove images, these works will not be counted in the contest.
The artists may have their own interpretation of minimalism which might be different from others.
As a rule of thumb a picture with the following properties has a high chance of not being minimalist:
  • high number of objects (1 or 2 is minimal)
  • high details (not being low resolution or blurry, many minimalistic images are pretty simple)
  • takes long to explore and watch (minimal images are easy to watch)
It is not really easy to say what is not minimalism, but see the definition to have an idea.
Take a look at this page: It introduces minimalism along with lots of examples.


The aim of this event is to introduce the most popular works and their respective artists. The result will be announced after the selection round is over. The winning images and the names will appear on this page and will be announced in a message to participants.

Our final winners are:
  1. Ewa Bathelier
  2. Victor Bezrukov
  3. Firman Anwar
  4. FransKopan Dwi Putranto
  5. Antonis Gourountis
  6. Angelika Trotier
  7. Matteo Fieni
  8. Gerd Schneider
  9. Subroto Mukherjee
  10. Firman Anwar
Read more and see the pictures here.


The most popular works (those which gained most "likes" will be announced here together with the name of their artist.
Why no money?
This event is more of a recognition and popularity. We are a loosely group of enthusiasts around the world and there is no central account for paying prizes. This website, group and all the people behind it don't get paid for this job so there is no mundane way to prize the winners.
However, many people participate just for the joy of sharing their perspective to others and find friends who are interested in their style.

Short URL:

Event notification



1. Only DIRECT upload from hard disk are accepted for contest. See how:
Photo uploaded from any other album or event in FB, or added before the beginning of the Contest (03/08/2010) are invalid.

2. If you uploaded MORE THAN 3 photos, or duplicated the same photo, please kindly remove the extra ones.



1. Per il concorso sono accettate solo fotografie caricate DIRETTAMENTE dal disco rigido. Vedi come:
Le foto caricate da qualsiasi altro album o evento in Facebook, o aggiunte prima dell'inizio del concorso (03/08/2010), non sono valide.

2. Se hai caricato PIÙ DI 3 foto, o la stessa più volte, ti preghiamo gentilmente di rimuovere quelle extra.



1. Apenas fotos carregadas DIRETAMENTE do disco rígido são aceitas para a competição. Veja como em:
As fotos carregadas de qualquer outro album ou evento no Facebook, ou com data de carregamento ANTERIOR ao inicio do concurso (03/08/2010) são inválidas.

2. Se você carregou MAIS DE 3 FOTOS, ou possui a mesma foto duplicada, pedimos gentilmente que remova as excedentes.


1. ハードデスクから直接アップロードされた写真のみがコンテストに公認されます。
詳しくは をごらんください。

2. 3写真以上をアップロードされた場合,または、同じ写真が重複している場合は、余分な写真をどうか削除してください。


1. 本比賽只接受從硬盤上直接上載的照片。請參閱:
已上載至其他相簿或其他FB活動上的相片, 或任何在比賽開始前(2010年8月3日)已上載的照片,均属無效。

2. 如果您上載超過 3張照片,或重複相同的照片,請把多餘的自行刪除。


1.Hanya yang diunggah langsung dari perangkat keras yang diterima dalam pertandingan. Lihat bagaimana :
Foto yang diunggah dari album yg lain atau peristiwa dalam FB,atau ditambahkan sebelum awal dari pertandingan
(03/08/2010) adalah tidak berlaku.
2. Jika kamu telah mengunggah LEBIH DARI 3 foto, atau telah menggandakan foto yang sama, dimohonkan dgn baik hati untuk menghilangkan salah satu yg lebih.


1.Pour le concours nous accepterons uniquement les photos provenant DIRECTEMENT du disque dur. Pour en savoir plus consultez
Les photos provenant d'un album ou d'un autre concours sur FB ou celles qui ont été téléchargées à une date antérieure à celle du début du présent concours (03/08/2010) ne sont pas valables.

2. Si vous avez téléchargé PLUS QUE 3 photos, ou si vous avez téléchargé plusieurs fois la même photo, nous vous prions d'enlever la ou les photos de trop.



1. Es werden nur Fotos akzeptiert, die DIREKT von der Festplatte hochgeladen wurden. Mehr dazu unter:
Fotos, die aus einem anderen Album oder Event im Facebook stammen oder vor Beginn des Wettbewerbes (03.08.2010) hochgeladen wurden, sind ungültig.

2. Bitte entferne überflüssige Bilder, wenn du MEHR ALS 3 Fotos hochgeladen oder ein Bild mehrmals hinzugefügt hast.


1. Para este concurso, sólo se aceptan archivos que se suben en forma directa del disco duro de su computadora. Favor de ver como en:
Es importante destacar que las fotografías que provienen de otro álbum o evento en Facebook, o las que se agregaron antes del inicio del Concurso (03/08/2110), no cumplen con los requisitos del mismo.

2. En caso de haber subido MÁS DE 3 FOTOS o de haber incluido más de una copia de la misma, sería tan amable de eliminarlas.



1.רק תמונות שיישלחו ישירות מדיסק קשיח יתקבלו איך שולחים
תמונות שישלחו ממקורות אחרים או שנעשו בהם שינויים ליפני תחילת התחרות (03.08.2010) לא יתקבלו

2.אם אתםשולחים יותר משלושה תמונות או שלחתם תמונה פעמיים אנא הסירו את התמונות המיותרות תודה


1- برای مسابقه تنها آپلود از طریق هارد دیسک قابل قبول است
برای توضیحات بیشتر می توانید به این سایت مراجعه کنید

عکس هایی از آلبوم های دیگر در فیسبوک یا عکس هایی که قبلا در این پیج آپلود شده اند قابل قبول نیست ( تنها از هارد دسک قابل قبول است )
2- اگر شما از 3 تا عکس بیشتر آپلود کنید یا از یک عکس بیشتر از 2 بار آپلود کردید لطف کنید و آنها را حذف کنید
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