The E.R.A. Mini Turbo
Created as a replacement to the Cooper S the E.R.A. Mini was the fastest ever production (classic) Mini, Put forward to Rover by E.R.A in 1988 who agreed to put it into production the next year. However as only around 250 per year were estimated to be produced so E.R.A. took on the responsibility of converting the cars. 
The ERA Mini Turbo was a modified Mini that was produced by Engineering Research and Application Ltd of England under the ERA brand from 1989 to 1990. The fastest-ever official production Mini, it has been described as "the spiritual successor to the Cooper and the 1275 GT"
The E.R.A. is English Racing Automobiles, the name by which E.R.A. was known until it was changed in 1954 to Engineering Research & Application Ltd., was founded in late 1933 by Humphrey Cook, a wealthy young Oxford graduate who had a passion for motor racing and was determined to construct a competitive British car to compete successfully on the international circuits.
To create the car, ERA installed a turbocharged Austin Rover A+ series 1300 MG Metro engine, which produces 94 bhp (70 kW) at 6200 rpm, in a standard Mini and modified the body, suspension, brakes, water and oil cooling systems, and interior. The body kit was styled by Dennis Adams,who also designed the Mini Marcos sports cars and the Probe concept car.


The car, which uses mostly Austin Rover components, was marketed through Austin Rover dealers.

The interior has MG Metro front seats trimmed in Connolly hide, VDO instruments in an ERA-designed dash panel, pile carpeting, and a sunroof.

Torque steer, common in a front wheel drive layout, is mitigated by greater front-wheel toe-out and specially-made lower front suspension arms that provide 1.5 degrees of negative camber. The 6” x 13” aluminium alloy wheels are intended for either Goodyear or Dunlop 165:13:60 section, HR-rated low-profile tyres. The wheels are tested for impact and fatigue, and fitted with a disc-type knave plate and tamper-proof lock.

The servo-assisted braking system has Metro ventilated discs and four-pot calipers at the front, with modified drums at the rear. The car has adjustable shock absorbers all round, and the ride height is lowered.

A total of 436 ERA Mini Turbos were produced. The ERA was built in UK spec and also exported to Japan ahead of the Japanese ERA's in 1990 - 99 units for U.K., 436 units total.



Production dates 1989
Price at launch £11,949.77
Total Production 99 UK, 337 Japan
Chassis numbers

Engine 1275cc four-cylinder OHV, HIF 44 SU carb, Garrett T3 turbo 
Engine designation
Bore/stroke 10.61x81.28mm
Compression ratio 9.4:1

Power output 94bhp @ 6130rpm
Torque 87lb.ft @ 3600rpm

Transmission Four-speed manual
Final drive 3.21
Brakes Front: 213mm ventilated discs, four pot callipers. Rear: modified drums
Suspension Rubber cones
Wheels 6J x 13 alloy, one piece wheels with ERA stamped
Wheelbase 80-inches
Tyres Goodyear or Dunlop 165 x 60 x 13, low profile tyres

Maximum Speed 112mph
0-60mph 7.55secs
Average fuel consumption 34mpg


Non-original colours - Silver or Black

Twin spotlights

Full leather seats



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