This paper presents two asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerant state machine replication (BFT) algorithms that are
minimal in several senses. First, they require only 2 f +1 replicas, instead of the usual 3 f +1. Second, the trusted
service in which this reduction of replicas is based is arguably minimal, so it is simple to verify and implement
(which is possible even using commercial trusted hardware). Third, in nice executions the two algorithms run
in the minimum number of communication steps for non speculative and speculative algorithms, respectively 4 and
3 steps. Besides the obvious benefits in terms of cost, resilience and management complexity of having less replicas
to tolerate a certain number of faults, our algorithms are simpler than previous ones (being closer to crash faulttolerant
replication algorithms).

The performance evaluation shows that, even with the trusted component access overhead, they can have better
throughput than Castro and Liskov’s PBFT, and better latency in networks with nonnegligible communication delays.


TPMJ - TPM/J is an object-oriented API using Java for low-level access to the TPM.
Communication System - CommunicationSystem.jar (see attachments)

JITT -  Java Intrusion Tolerant Tools

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