Mingxuan Yuan currently works as a researcher at Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab, Hong Kong (2012.09-now). His research topics include spatiotemporal data management/mining, telco big data management/mining, and enterprise operation optimization. 

Research Interests

My focus is to design, develop and find practical solutions which can support and boost the enterprise operation optimization and telco big data analytics . We would like to deploy useful techniques in products/systems and file high value patents. Our objective is to provide world-class data-driven toolkits and solutions to promote enterprise operation optimization and telco data analysis market.


Projects in Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab

    Enterprise Intelligence Project (Supply Chain Optimization Project) (2016.11-now)

  • Manufacturing Network Optimization
  • Multi-site Production Scheduling
  • Real-time Automatic Packing
  • Split Delivery Vehicle Routing with 3D Container Loading
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Urgent Order Forecasting
  • Procurement Budget Allocation
  • Material Outbound Prediction
  • Single / Multi - Echelon Inventory Control
  • Size and Packing Optimization
  • Vehicle Routing

    xxxx China Unicom Joint Innovation Project (2014.02-201610)

  • Telco traffic prediction models
  • Telco outdoor localization models
  • Location based Service
  • Churn prediction and retention model
  • User value prediction model
  • Complaint prediction model
  • Add-on service analyzing model
  • Telco recommendation models (package, 23G to 4G and etc.)
  • Base station investment model
  • Credit Investigation Model
  • Telco spatiotemporal tagging system

    xxxx China Mobile Data Mining Project (2014.01-2014.06)

  • 2/3G to 4G user recommendation model
  • Competitor identification model

    xxxx China Mobile MBB (Mobile Broad Band) Data Analysis Project (2013.09-2013.12)

  • User activity level prediction model

    NGIPHONE (Next Generation Phone) project (2013.02-2013.08)

  •  User modeling from MBB data to support intelligent scene in NGIPHONE.

    PAB (User Activity Knowledge Base of Places) Project (2012.09-2013.01)

  • We extract user behaviors from weibo checkin data and represent each place (with temporal constraints) with activity semantics.
  • We design and make use of advanced visualization techniques, such as theme river and region fingerprint, to uncover people’s spatiotemporal behaviors in social check-in data.