Ming Liu, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)

Ming Liu
Postdoctoral Research Fellow                    
Connected Intelligence Centre
The University of Technology, Sydney

Associate Professor
School of Computer and Information Technology
Southwest University, China

Phone : 0479 1080 68
Building Number : 22

Research Interests

His research interests are human language technologies in writing and reading and learning analytics especially using technology and data to enhance learning, engagement and collaboration. His research findings have appeared in IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, Journal of Internet and Higher Education, Educational Technology&Society, Intelligent Tutoring System and other peer reviewed journals and conferences.


Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence in Education                   November 2012

The University of Sydney, Australia

Dissertation title: Automatic Question Generation for Academic Writing Support

Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof. Rafael A. Calvo and Associate Prof. Kalina Yacef

Participated research projects

l   Measuring the impact of feedback on the writing process and learning outcomes; Calvo R; Google (US) Research Support, 2011.

l   Comprehensive support for collaborative writing: Visualizing argument, text and process structures; Reimann P, Calvo R, Yacef K;ARC Discovery Projects, 2009

l   An Online Writing Centre for Undergraduate Engineering Students: a One Stop Shop, H. Drury and Calvo RA, 2012.

Master in Information Technology                                 August 2006

University of Tasmania, Australia

Bachelor in Computing                                                   August 2005

University of Tasmania, Australia


Associate Professor                                                       July 2015-present

Lecturer                                                                         March 2014- June 2015

School of Computer and Information Science

l   Planned and taught several bilingual undergraduate and postgraduate courses including Java Programming, System Analysis&Design, J2EE, Advanced Web Development, Educational Data Mining and Intelligent Tutoring System.

l   Studied and developed advanced learning technologies to support online collaborative writing, formative peer review, English essay writing and reading comprehension.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow                                     Feb. 2013- March 2014

Academic Supervisor: Rafael A. Calvo

School of Electrical and Information Engineering

Faculty of Engineering & Information Technologies,

The University of Sydney

l   Planned and taught a postgraduate courses Model-based Software Engineering.

l   Studied and developed a mental health support system funded by Moderator Assistant; Calvo R, Hickie I; Young and Well CRC, 2013.

Selected Publications

  1. Liu, M., Liu, L., & Liu, L. (2018). Group awareness increases student engagement in online collaborative writing. Internet & Higher Education,38,1-8.
  2. Liu, M., Rus, V., & Liu, L. (2018). Automatic Chinese Multiple Choice Question Generation Using Mixed Similarity Strategy. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 11(2), 193-202.
  3. Liu, M., Li, Y., Xu, W. & Liu. L (2017). Automated Essay Feedback Generation and Its Impact in the Revision. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 10(4), 502-513
  4. Liu, M., Rus, V., & Liu, L. (2018), Automatic Chinese Multiple Choice Question Generation Using Mixed Similarity Strategy, IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies,
  5. Liu, M., Rus, V., & Liu, L. (2017). Automatic Chinese factual question generation. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 10(2), 194-204.
  6. Liu, M., Rus, V., Liao, Q.&Liu, L. (2017). Encoding and Ranking Similar Chinese Characters, Journal of Information Science and Engineering, 33, 1195-1211.
  7. Liu, M., Pardo, A.,& Liu, L. (2017). Using Learning Analytics to Support Engagement in Collaborative Writing, International Journal of Distance Education Technologies, 15(4), 79-98.
  8. Liu, M., Wang, Y., Xu, W. & Liu, L. (2017). Automated scoring of Chinese engineering students’ English essays. International Journal of Distance Education Technologies, 15(1), 52-68.
  9. Liu, L., Wang, S., Peng, Y., Huang, Z., Liu, M., & Hu, B. (2016). Mining intricate temporal rules for recognizing complex activities of daily living under uncertainty. Pattern Recognition, 60(C), 1015-1028.
  10. Liu, L., Peng, Y., Wang, S., Liu, M., & Huang, Z. (2016). Complex activity recognition using time series pattern dictionary learned from ubiquitous sensors. Information Sciences, 340, 41-57.
  11. Liu, L., Sun, L., Chen, S., Liu, M., & Zhong, J. (2016). K-PRSCAN: a clustering method based on Pagerank. Neurocomputing, 175, 65-80.
  12. Liu, M., Calvo, R., Pardo, A., & Martin, A. (2015). Measuring and visualizing students’ behavioral engagement in writing activities. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 8(2), 215-224.
  13. Liu, L., Luo, D., Liu, M., Zhong, J., Wei, Y., & Sun, L. (2015). A self-adaptive hidden markov model for emotion classification in Chinese microblogs. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2015, 987189.
  14. Liu, M., Xu, W., Liu, H. & Zheng, J. (2015). Sentiment analysis in Chinese web discussion forums, International Journal of e-Education, e-Business, e-Management and e-learning, 5(1), 47-54.
  15. Liu, L., Peng, Y., Liu, M., & Huang, Z. (2015). Sensor-based human activity recognition system with a multilayered model using time series shapelets, Knowledge-Based Systems, 90, 138-152.
  16. Liu, M., Calvo, R. A., & Rus, V. (2014). Automatic generation and ranking of questions for critical review. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 17(2), 333-346.
  17. Liu, M., Calvo, R. A., Aditomo, A., & Pizzato, L. A. (2012). Using Wikipedia and conceptual graph structures to generate questions for academic writing support. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 5(3), 251-263.
  18. Liu, M., Calvo, R. A., & Rus, V. (2012). G-asks: an intelligent automatic question generation system for academic writing support. Dialogue & Discourse, 3(2), 101-124.

Academic Services

l  LAK2019 workshop co-chair – Advances in Writing Analytics: Mapping the state of the field, LAK2019, Tempe, Arizona, August, 2019

l  PC member-International Conference on Learning Analytics&Knowledge, LAK2019, August, 2019.

l ALASI2018, workshop co-chair – Writing Analytics workshop, Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute, Monash University, Australia, Nov, 2018

l UTS2018,  LX.Lab workshop co-chair - Hands-on AcaWriter: Developing students’ reflective writing with automated feedback, University of Technology Sydney, Nov, 2018

lInternational Forum on Educational Technology 2018, paper presenter, Automatic Detection of  Self-Reflection on Internship Experience, China Central Normal University, Nov, 2018

l  PC member-International Conference on Web-Age Information Management, WAIM2016, Springer, 2016.

l   PC member-Workshop on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Data Analytics, IEEE, 2014.

l   PC member- The Fifth International Workshop on Question Generation, Crete, 2012

l   Paper Reviewer – Interactive Learning Enviornment , 2018

l   Paper Reviewer – IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 2018

l   Paper Reviewer – Computer&Education, 2016

l   Paper Reviewer-The Fifth International Conference on Educational Data Mining, 2012.

l   Grant Reviewer- China National Nature Science Foundation grant, 2016

Selected Grants

       l   Using learning to rank for Chinese question generation, Ming Liu (PI), National Natural Science Foundation project of China, 260k RMB, grant No.61502397, 2016.

                l   Automatic Chinese question generation, Ming Liu (PI), Scientific Research Foundation project for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars,
State Education Ministry (the 50th grants), 30k RMB, 2015.         

    l   Automatic essay feedback generation for Chinese college students, Ming Liu (PI), Chongqing Social Science Planning Fund Program, 250k RMB, No. 2014BS123, 2014. 

    l   Automatic Chinese factual question generation, Ming Liu (PI), Southwest University Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, 
50k RMB, grant No. XDJK2014C141, 2014.   


  • Excellent Undergraduate Student Thesis, Using Data Mining Approach to Online Early Warning System (Student Supervision) 2018
  • First Prize, Visualpeer: Online Formative Peer Review System With Group Awareness Support, China National College Students' digital education application innovation competition 2017 (Student Supervision) 
  • Excellence in Teaching 2015 and 2016 at Southwest University 
  • Google Research Award (2010.3-2012.8)
  • "Postgraduate Scholarship in Learning Technologies" from Australia Research Council Grant (2010.3-2012.8)
  • "Normal I. Price Scholarship" from School of Electrical & Information Engineering, The University of Sydney (2009.3-2012.8)
  • Scholarship Award for Machine Learning Summer School in Canberra 2010
  • Scholarship Award for HSCNet WinterFest 2010. 
  • "University Scholarship for outstanding performance in undergraduate course" from the University of Tasmania in 2006