Minnie (Podmore Hall) 1918

Minnie Pit Rescue Team, 1918
Back Row, L to R = C. Bushell - N. Lawton - W. Hughes - J. Bailey - F. Porter - E. Hankey
J. Carter - B. Harrison - G.E. Rowley - C.H. Weaver (Under Manager) - W. Furrington - E. Jobb - R. Riley
J.G. Davies - G.R. Genders - R. Mayer - A.B. Clifford (Instructor) - J. Smith (Manager) - A. F.......n - H. Jepson - J. Halding
Front Row, L to R = K. Harrison (Captain) - I. Sutton (Captain) - W. Hancock (Captain) - F. Parkin (Captain)

Arthur Clifford, in the capacity of Instructor, ensured that the teams working at the Minnie pit were proficient in the use of breathing apparatus. The process lasted 19 months during which he was still on full army pay. The manager, Joe Smith later became Group Manager, Somerset