About Me

Philip Clifford is a retired Local Goverment Officer with his roots firmly in the Motor Trade and Transport industries. He lives with his wife in Suffolk (not the most prolific of mining areas!!). Whilst he has never been down a pit (other than the excellent National Coal Mining Museum at Wakefield) he has been trained in working in confined spaces including the use of modern Draeger escape sets. His interests have always included industrial history, reading and technical writing so when he discovered, by family history research, that he had 'Famous' ancestors, curiosity got the better of him. 

A natural desire to learn more was stifled by the lack of available published material so he turned to the internet to try and discover the facts. He now knows quite a bit but still admits that does not make him an expert.

This web site was the result of this voyage of discovery and by participating in various on-line discussion groups, in particular the Mining History Discussion Group, he has gathered much information and detail which this site tries to share (albeit in summary). Many 'virtual' and physical friendships have arisen from this research and many of these friends have submitted information used in this web site.

Philip is always keen to share information and will, if able, try and assist others in their research - after all, that is how he started. Please feel free to contact him either by using the Feedback form on this site.