Technical Data Sheet for Dynamin 12 Premium

The Dynamin 12 Premium Organic Mineral Premix plus Essential Electrolytes is a specifically formulated, well balanced blend of minerals and electrolytes essential to the optimimum health of horses and ponies.

NOW ALSO INCLUDING BORON: (as of August 2018) which helps with the uptake of magnesium and calcium, and is implicated in  bone, joint health, and in particular arthritic conditions.
Dynamin 12 Premium contains:
  • Organic Mineral Glycinates: Chromium, Iron, Manganese, Copper and Zinc, from BASF,
    one of the World’s largest Animal Health Companies.  Through BASF's superior production process trace minerals are complexed with the amino acid glycine.  Mineral Glycinates have been shown to be highly  digestible and bioavailable. They have the highest level of bio-availability compared to other organically bound trace minerals reaching target tissues for optimum health
    and performance.
  • Organic Magnesium - in the form of Alltech’s Magnesium  and Magnesium Aspartate
    both highly digestible and available forms of magnesium for nerve and muscle function.
  • The Organic Selenium  in Dynamin 12 is from Zorien Selenium Yeast (which is from a selected
    strain of Saccharomyces cerevisae).  Selenium is a natural antioxidant and helps to maintain a healthy immune system.  Selenium also helps to reduce tying up and muscle cramps in horses.   Most New Zealand soil is known to be lacking in Selenium, so it is important that it is present in any mineral mix.
  • Electrolytes: The minerals sodium, chloride, potassium and calcium which as electrolytes help to maintain the correct balance of fluids in body cells and are involved with muscle functioning and the removal of waste.   Electrolytes are lost daily in sweat urine, and faeces.  During periods of high exertion such as  training and competition electrolyte losses can be significant and if not replaced can result in dehydration.  Adding electrolytes to the horses diet can ensure optimum electrolyte levels are maintained for peak performance.