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We know that you love your horses and ponies, and we want to help you
look after their health and wellbeing.

With this in mind, we offer you our Optimal 'Health for Horses' Specialties:

  • The DYNAMIN 12 PREMIUM Organic Mineral Mix plus Essential Electrolytes that looks after your horse's essential balanced mineral supplement needs. If your horse receives no other supplements, this is the one for them to receive to keep them full of healthy life force and looking happy and in excellent health.  Why minerals before any other supplement?  Read the article below!

  • Related Supportive Supplements for horses - Acadian Kelp Meal and Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin

  • The Computer Generated Biofeedback Health Analysis/Profile - by Saliva Sample, or New to NZ,  Onsite Health Profile Test -  by connecting the horse directly to the biofeedback computer based system - you will be amazed at what is revealed through this system of looking at the factors affecting your horse's health and well-being.

  • Diatomaceous Earth

  • Essential Oils for Horses... see the powerful changes in response to the power of the right essential oils - transformative!

The Simple Diet that has been successfully keeping horses in fantastic health for more than three decades....

......."Since our horses have been on Dynamin 12 Premium we have had no trouble with mud fever, rain scald, colic (of any form), founder, staggers, arthritis, tail chewing, crib biting, tying up, cushings, etc.  We have never fed copper, selenium, magnesium or electrolytes and we have prepared horses for a very wide variety of activities."    Pat Kennedy  (Pat is a highly respected and very active member of the equestrian community, she grew up with horses, has owned and trained horses and tutored riders for many different roles including dressage for over 70 years, and had been an Equestrian business owner in the Equestrian world until she retired recently.

........"I put my 37 year old pony and my 26 year old gelding on Dynamin 12 approximately a year ago as I could see that both of them were not doing well on other mineral mixes that I had been giving them. (I did suspect then that they were both in early stage Cushings disease.)     After three months on the Dynamin 12,  I could see a vast improvement in both of them, both physically and in the way they were feeling.  Other people also commented to me how good they were both looking."  Regards,  Mich


A Balanced Mineral Mix must come first!

Take the Minerals out of the diet, both human and animal, and you take away the Spark of Life, the “spark-plug” of the body.

Animals, like their owners, rely on good nutrition and well-being and just like us there is a steady deterioration in the animal's general health and increasing incidences of degenerative diseases.  We and our animals are becoming weak at a cellular level which means that Stress, infections, parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus, chemicals, pesticides, industrial pollution etc are getting the better of us.  The basic problem is common to both of us... The disappearance of trace minerals from our soils and consequentially from the animal's and our diets, and the impact it has on our health.

On the nutrition front, there are obviously two things that both ourselves and our animals need:

  • We need to be actively getting our soil, wherever we live in the world, into good, healthy condition so that the pastures, vegetables, fruits etc are rich with the nutrients we need in order that our bodies are strong, vibrant and healthy. It can take at least five years to build up our pastures and food growing lands using natural forms of earth conditioning.
  • We need meanwhile to be giving ourselves and our animals supplementary forms of minerals and essential nutrients.

With a focus on wellness for all horses, at Healthy Horses we endeavour to provide top quality products and services that assist people to achieve optimum health for themselves and the animals in their care.

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