Mineral King Preservation Society
The Mineral King Preservation Society is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation dedicated to preserving the natural and historic assets of the Mineral King area.

General Management Plan for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (NPS)
The purpose of the Final General Management Plan is to establish a 20-year vision for what Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks should be, including desired future conditions for natural and cultural resources, and visitor experiences. The document also includes a comprehensive management plan for the portions of the Middle and South of the Kings River and the North Fork of the Kern River, the purpose being to provide direction and overall guidance on the management and uses of lands within the river corridors.

Mineral King Visitor Information (NPS)
General information about the Mineral King area, its campgrounds, trails, and area highlights.

Silver City Resort
Resort, restaurant, and general store. The resort is located about 21 miles up the Mineral King road.

The Kaweah Commonwealth
A weekly newspaper covering the areas of Three Rivers, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, and surrounding communities.

Franklin and wood-burning stove parts and supplies:

Lehman's Non-Electric Appliances

Mineral King Webcam

Faculty Flat Webcam

Silver City Webcam