The Avery Cabin
The Avery cabin's origin dates back to the days of the silver rush. An early miner put up a ramshackle shanty meant to house him while he made his riches. At this point little is known about him except that he more than likely never found his riches. A man by the name of Kirk later bought the miner's shack from him.

The Barboni Cabin
The Barboni Cabin is one of the oldest remaining cabins in Mineral King. It has survived essentially unchanged since its construction in 1905 by Jim and Nettie Howard. The cabin possesses an interesting history and is located near archeological remains dating from the Empire Mine era.

The Dixon Cabin
The Dixon cabin was one of the many private cabins that sprang up in the 1920s. It was built in 1926 by Lou Coole and his wife as a summer vacation home. Purchased in 1950 by Van and Mary Dixon, the cabin has been carefully restored and maintained by the Dixon heirs.

The Fleek Cabin
The Fleek Cabin is one of the oldest, least-modified cabins in Mineral King. Historians believe that the cabin was built circa 1890 as a miner's cabin. In 1906 the cabin was purchased by Frank Mixter, a prominent California politician. Prior to Mineral King becoming a part of Sequoia National Park, the deed was transferred to Janet Fleek, Frank Mixter's granddaughter

The Foreman Cabin
Felix Foreman immigrated from England in 1885 and first settled in El Dorado County. After a few years he met and married Canadian born Jane Dunlop in El Dorado County; three sons followed - Felix, David and Edgar O.. After many years of camping in Giant Forest and Mineral King, Felix and Jane Dunlop Foreman built their cabin in 1910.

The Montgomery Cabin
Nora Pogue and R.B. Montgomery built their summer home in 1912 on the site of the tent in which they had honeymooned eight years earlier. In the interim, they had occupied a tiny one-room miner's shack on the same lot, but their growing family called for a more spacious quarters...

The Runciman Cabin
The Runciman cabin was built shortly after the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 by the Mt. Whitney Power Company. The cabin served as a summer residence for Archie J. Robertson who had supervised the construction of several dams in Mineral King. The site is significant both in its associations with the construction of hydroelectric resources and in the retention of its historic appearance.

The Wollenman Cabin
The Wollenman cabin was built at The Gate between 1923 and 1928 (the dates vary) by Lester Jordan and his son. It is believed to be the site of the first cabin in Mineral King Valley, built by Enos Barton in 1873 during the establishment of the mining camp at that time.