Minecraft Tips

Welcome to the Beginner's Guide DIYGamer Minecraft! Minecraft is a huge game and the most wonderful, but it may leave a little overwhelming when you are not 100% sure what you are doing.

This guide will talk you through a good way to start your adventure Minecraft, and survive the first day / night. We speak of collection of resources, development tools, create your first capture and explore the depths of your world.

Note that there are many ways to begin, and the following method is only one way to start your life. Once you try our way, feel free to start a new world and do things a little different to try.

Without further ado, we will crack down on our first day and night Minecraft!

After your results in the world, take a look and get your bearings. Search in the distance, but the mountainous areas in particular - this is where we will soon.

The first thing you need is wood, and much of it. Walk to the nearest tree and just hold the mouse button to cut your hands. Collect firewood, which falls from the tree, and keep cutting trees until you have collected 25 blocks the fabric.

Now a decent place to settle first to find shelter. The main block types that you need to start with his stone, and especially of coal.Head of the nearest mountain and the search for black lines on the rocks.

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are cracks in the middle of the black mountain - it's lumps of coal. Building your shelter near some coal is a good idea, so I'll set up camp here.

Now that I chose to stay where it is time to get some crafts done. Pressing the inventory, I pop-up menu, and your crafting tools.Articles on the bottom are those operating in the world and you can use by pressing the keys 1-9. The 3 x 9 grid that is in your inventory, and you can record what you find here.

Just above that is your armor (you do not have a moment) and your tools of the craft. Place blocks and other items where you can block and articles. The first thing we need is a few planks of wood for the construction of other items.

Put your wood in one piece in the craft section (as shown above) and you will see shelves appear to the right. Keep clicking on the shelves until you build 64 and the bottom of your inventory. To do this, again and again until all your wood is used to make boards.

Now that we've done that, can we have some real craftsmanship. The crafts section in your inventory is very limited in that it is only a space of 2 × 2. We have articles much better if we build a bench craft.

Put at least one panel in each of the four spaces, and see the bench craft appear on the right. Click on it and place it in your active elements on the bottom.

Now we have our bank, we leave a good space for it to be found. Choose where you want to be your refuge - the side of a cliff is usually a good place - and start digging. It will take some time to dig stones with your hands, but do not worry - you just need to dig a small space at the moment, we will craft tools to accelerate the process.

Now that our space is limited, rather than the bench craft by selecting and right-clicking. We can finally do the right craft!

Right-click on the bench craft, and you open a menu of craft than 3 × 3 grid contains for crafts. Now that the magic can happen.

First, we have what sticks. When you create an object, it usually works with the creation of the blocks that make up your inventory.For example, to make walking sticks, the two boards on top of another. It does not matter if it is used in the development of the place, while in this form.

Poles appear to the right. Choose a good number of them - say around 50. Now that we have clubs, we can produce extraction tools.

Take a pick! Stick up in the middle and lower middle shelf slot, and all the top spots (as noted above). As you can see, we as a pick, and a choice in turn, appears on the right. Do some of them now, and put them in your active items.

You can also use an ax to chop down trees to make quickly - this can be done using the formation of poles and planks above. It is not essential at this time, however, that we have more than enough wood to be treated.

It is time for the mining, real do! Select your pick and start hacking on a cave large enough skin in the sequel, when night comes.Note the green bar under your pick - that shows the status of your tools, and if it reaches the red, pause and you lose the tool. By the time you dug a cave right, you'll probably broken tools. Time for a new, more robust to do.

Return to your bench crafts, and another selection, but this time the use of stone you have collected instead of boards. Now we have a good stone to use the pick, which will last much longer.

Our cave dug, we'll start with coal. Where you find coal on the mountainside, then climb on it. If you dig up a road with your pick faithful.

Start of mining coal. I'm pretty lucky here and found a lot of coal, but even a small amount is good enough for now. Coal is essential to keep the bad guys and make your way to explore deep underground, as we shall soon discover.

Now, be a little dark, so we must hurry. Return to your bench crafts, and the opening of the craft menu. Coal on top of the stick (as above), and to around 50 torches. Put it in your inventory assets.

Choose your torches, and put on the walls of your basement by right-clicking on the walls. You should now light up pretty good cave.Of course, we still have a big gaping hole in the outside world, and it gets dark! Time to embrace us in.

I decided to create a stone wall, but you can choose to build it from the material that you took. The assets in your inventory, select the type of block you want, then right on it anywhere. Build your wall so no holes, except for a suspicious house-shaped 1 × 2 space. Can you guess what will happen here?

True, we do a door! Place blocks shelves in a 2 × 3 training your bench craft (see above) and then the door in your inventory asset slide.

Place the door can be a little tricky. Select the door, then walk to your opening, and watch the ground. Check the screenshot above to your home should strive to achieve. Now right-click.

Voila! A door! The doors are very useful because they stop getting into monsters, but you can. Just click on a door to open or close.

Now, we are sure, it is time to prepare for a number of actions graves. Let us first anywhere to create something we find to save.Jump on the bench craft.

Make a square of boards (see above) and you will see a wooden box to keep your objects in place of the chest down prices to where you want, how you did with the Bench Craft, then right-click. You will have enough space to place items in case you need more space in your personal inventory.

While we are, we might as well as an oven. Furnaces to melt some blocks and create other useful objects - such as the melting of iron ore, while the sand will cause the melting of glass, in case you want to add some windows on your site!

Make a square stone (as above) and enter the oven and place everywhere. Right click on the oven.

Menu in the oven, there are two rooms separated by an empty symbol of fire. Coal in place of floor space, so what you want at the top of the heated space. Everything can not be used, so experiment with different blocks and articles to see what happens.

One last thing before exploring - we can respond to unpleasant things there, so start with a means of attack! Go to bed and put a craft stick into two blocks of stone, as shown above. We now have a sword to kill the evil creatures.

Get a pair of peaks of stone, then we'll start digging! Remember to put rockets on the walls as you dig, you can see where you go and stop the bad things to appear. The majority of cool things to be buried under the surface to dig down and is a good idea. Never dig down - you really do not want to fall and kill yourself in an underground cave!

You can see above I did a kick, but I have to skip any steps. Leave it. Return to your bench crafts.

Create a stone step, as shown in the screenshot above. Take many steps and put them in your inventory assets. Speak now to where you kick, select your stone staircase and place them with the mouse. They may initially appear in the wrong direction, but just stay put in the right places and we hope they turn to the right path.

And we - we can easily run the stairs! Other searches, creating your own room and find the most interesting materials and underground surprises. Eventually you will either run out of space in your inventory, or all of your choices will break, so let's go back to the bench craft.

Look at this - we were so busy digging, turning day and we did not even realize! Go out and explore.

As you explore and you want your way back to find, just rockets on the ground along the way. This way, you will be able to follow them back - to think like a breadcrumb. Finally, you will find some very interesting areas to explore.

There are many cases of secret underground tunnels all over the world, Minecraft, and explore is a lot of fun. Make sure you have enough shelves, picks and torches to take the adventure.

Sometimes you get the bad guys in broad daylight. Let them walk in the sun, and slowly burned to death. You will be able to understand what special items they kept!

Beware of iron ore on tour - it looks like beige rock fissures. Iron ore can be placed in the oven to iron, which can then in turn be used to armor, helmets and shields to protect themselves to do.

Dig deep enough and you can even find and underground rivers of lava. They have lots of fun things to find in this area, so a round of hunting. Make sure you take care if you're near lava, and not to push the blocks around it, or it has spread and touch you ...

At that time, you will probably be fired and die. Dying Minecraft is a bit of pain - you will be taken back to where you first emerged, and have lost all your items. In fact you can walk back to where you died and easily all your items up cases, but usually it will be too long to bother with travel.

This concludes our first hour with Minecraft. Hopefully this has inspired you to create your own path and an epic quest to get serious. Here are some ideas for what to do:

Download a texture pack for the game, making the world a different

Read Geoff Minecraft Diaries. "The Journal Minecraft," an editorial series based on his life in the world of Minecraft. This is not a solution, for example, it's just a man of adventure with this great universe.

Build a large wooden house, and accidentally burned to the ground