Minecraft 4 Me


Minecraft 4 Me is an initiative by Rooty Hill High School as part of our ICT4Me BYOD program. By introducing gaming into our programs, we are able to provide more opportunities for students to attempt and develop specialised ICT skills. 

Minecraft 4 Me launched in 2015 and is targeted at students of diverse backgrounds, academic and technical ability levels. 

Minecraft 4 Me was implemented by the original MineClass Team. Together the students and Mrs Callaghan planned how Minecraft could be introduced to all students and teachers at RHHS. The students spent a considerable amount of time how to install the software onto our server and give our students continuous and reliable access to the game whilst at school. Together, with Mrs Callaghan, they were able to direct our Technical Support Officer (TSO) with the technical know-how of how to install it onto our server.

Each member bring unique experiences and lessons to the team enabling in the team to be able to continuously collaborate to enhance the benefits of the game.