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Version Beta 0.4.0 (Water pre-release)

publié le 7 oct. 2011 à 05:40 par Sébastien Manchou   [ mis à jour : 20 mars 2012 à 15:06 ]
First public version. For Minecraft 1.8.1.
Since this version, the mod is called "Pokécube".

Includes :
- everything from previous versions
- a level up system
- XP computed in the same way as in the original game
- evolution of most of the mobs depends on its level
- a blue bar under the life bar represents the XP. When the bar is completed, the mob levels up
- the 4 types of pokéballs (pokecube, supercube, hypercube, mastercube) with catch rates which follow the original' game's rules
- fix of the bug which prevents from having a new starter on a new map
- fix of the bug Shift+clic in the Pokecenter bloc
- translation of "achievments"
- resize of some of the pokémobs
- 2 new water type attacks
- other little imprvements and bugfixes
- Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise