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How to install:
Read this if you don't know how to install a Forge mod or directly jump to the download links below.


Make a copy of your install directory. By default, it is  "%APPDATA%/.minecraft".

0.bis. Delete every thing which is in the "mods" folder of your Minecraft install (if it exists).

Installation of Forge
Download the Forge installer jar file..
Link below.

2. Run it with Java. It will create a new profile called "Forge" in the Minecraft launcher.

3. Launch Minecraft using this new profile and check everything works well. The first time, it can take several minutes.

4. Close Minecraft.

You achieved the installation of Forge. You can now use mods such as Pokécube.

Installation of Pokécube

5. Download the jar files of Pokecube_Core and Pokecube_Origin.
Links below.

Put them in the "mods" folder of your Minecraft installation directory.

You can launch Minecraft and enjoy Pokécube.

Download links:

Nota Bene: With Adfly links, wait 5 seconds and click on the top right corner button to skip the ad.


The Pokecube Core does not add any mob but is a prerequisite for Origin, Generations and Lineage.

Download link for the Pokecube Core 0.7.2 for MC 1.6.4

Pokecube Origin adds the mobs.