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The following imformation applies to MLG 1.3 through 1.7: (The current version as of this writing.)

Minecraft Land Generator is Compiled using Eclipse 3.7.x
The Java version is Java 1.6.

I do include my eclipse project files, but they will most likely not work on your computer unless you edit file paths and whatnot (I doubt your computer has /home/morlok8k)
EDIT: Use the "Import Existing Project" tool in eclipse, and everything is good!

Minecraft Land Generator is licensed under the WTFPL.  You are free to use it and modify it as you wish.  It would be nice if you notified me (via forums or github) if you made modifications, bugfixes, etc.
I love feedback, fixes, and comments!

MLG does use some Non-Public Domain code:

Please respect these licenses when redistributing MLG or any derivative works.

The following imformation applies to MLG 1.0 through 1.2:
These original versions were made by Corrodias and released as public domain (except for JNBT as stated above).
They were later released under the WTFPL by Corrodias.

I don't know the details of how it was made.  I don't know Corrodias, I've only exchanged a few messages with him.
Apparently he lost interest in the project after he created a stable version of MLG (version 1.2)

After a Minecraft Server update broke MLG 1.2, I took the source code, and fixed the one character "bug".  (I removed an exclamation point (!) - it looked for "Done!" but the server was giving out "Done")  And called it MLG 1.3.
After that, I've just been adding more and more features and fixes to the original code.