What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a mining and building game that anyone can play. There is no goal except having fun and building cool things. This game is completely awesome. Also chunky.

Where can I get Minecraft?

You can play the classic version in a web browser for free, or download the current beta version for a very reasonable price. Actually, you can download the beta version for free, but you cannot play without a username and password, which you can purchase for about 15 euros (about 20 US dollars). The current policy is that this is a one-time purchase, and future beta upgrades and the final release are included in the price.

What kind of computer do I need?

Any computer that can run Java can play this game. I play on a Windows computer, and my dad plays on an Ubuntu computer.

What do i do if i get lost? 

you build a new house.also you can build a city,if you have fly mode or on the server:monsters off,because i recommend cities are hard to build.also you can make a compass.

How do i start?

you start at a spawn point,with ten hearts.remember to build a house! You won't be able to build anything right at the spawn point, so you will have to move a few squares away to begin building your house.

where do i get cocoa beans in 1.5?

some people don't know.but my dad knows.i also know.you find them in dungeons.

how do i get hurt in Minecraft?

the monsters names are: spider slime creeper zombie skeleton.they hurt you.also you can hurt them.but skeletons are hard to hurt,because they have bows. 

Who made this good game?

some people are wondering this.notch did.do you think he didn't? 

How do i get in browser for Minecraft?

in the top bar type:minecraft.you should see a bar that says "play Minecraft classic".press "single player" or "multiplayer".

How do i make stuff?

furnace:8 cobblestone, around. (in workbench.) workbench:4 wood planks, fill in. (inventory.) chest:8 wood planks, around. (in workbench.)
iron block:9 iron ingots, fill in. (in workbench.) painting:8 sticks 1 wool, sticks around wool in middle. (in workbench.) map:in 1.6.
brown wool: cocoa bean 1 wool, cocoa bean in my right corner at bottom wool other side, at bottom. (in workbench.)

How to fight monsters

you will need a sword or a axe (pickaxe) for this.right click on target of monster, then do it more times.the monster will be killed after a while. It's also a good idea to make a bow to fight creepers.

How to make a bow

You'll need three sticks and three pieces of string (from killing a spider). You have to arrange them on a crafting table in the shape of the letter "D," and the string makes up the left side of the "D."

How to smelt

you will need coal.you put this in a furnace and cook,iron,gold,pork,sand.
then it should cook.then it's ready.

Creeper features

when you getting closer to a "creeper", it might blow up.so get ready!these pests are overloaded with TNT and blow up.so make a bow!and don't forget food!
creepers can spawn in dungeons too.

Spider features

spiders can wall-climb.spiders jump really high.they can hurt you up to three hearts.

Slime features

Slimes can jump,the limit of jumping is how big it is.slimes can not spawn in dungeons at all.slimes can go through walls.

Skeleton features

skeletons have bows.they can spawn in dungeons.(less likely.)

Zombie features

zombies have no weapon.they can spawn in dungeons.(less likely.)

Zombie-pigman features

these spawn in the nether.they have wooden swords.they can not spawn in dungeons.

Ghast features

ghasts spawn in the nether too.they can shoot fireballs out of there mouth.

How to help in minecraft

you can help in minecraft many different ways.sorry,i can't list them all.
you can help people mine.(this requires a pickaxe.)which means you mine for them.
you can help people by giving them a item.(don't give them diamond,though.)
you can help them build which means you build with them.

The nether

the nether is a place you don't want to go in minecraft.fire stays on netherack.slowsand slows you down,duh. You get glowstone dust from glowstone.


there are shears now.get leaf blocks or/and shear sheep,duh.pistons go sideways/up,another duh.sticky pistons
do the same.