Blender Minecraft Importer

(The above right image was rendered in Cycles.)


This is the latest version of Mineblend.

[ Download Mineblend 1.6a (updated 25th June 2012) ]

The feedback...

I'm acro on Blenderartists. If you have any feedback please join the discussion thread at


Extract the io_import_minecraft folder from the 7z archive into your Blender scripts/addons folder. This varies with OS and your Blender installation settings, but usually looks something like C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.6x\scripts\addons

Start Blender, and in File > User Preferences (Ctrl-Alt-U) select the "Import-Export" category on the left, or filter addons by typing "mine" into the top left search box. Down the full list  below Makehuman, you should see a new option for Import Minecraft b1.7+. Enable this. You can also press "Save as default" in the bottom left of the Blender User Preferences window to retain this add-on's activation for whenever you start Blender in future.

Script operation:

- It reads directly from your system default .minecraft folder to select saved worlds.
- Loads, colours and textures all block types.
- Blocks are instanced onto a dupliverted mesh, allowing for diverse animation possibilities and manual tweaking/editing of scene/view.
- Stone (and Dirt) will be discarded by default to save time and increase viewport performance. There's a LOT of stone, so be prepared to wait for very long times if deselecting the 'Omit Stone' option.
- Can display Slime-spawning chunks as big green bounding cubes on the bottom 16 layers, at bedrock) based on each saved game's world seed. This is very handy if you want to legitimately obtain slimeballs for the creation of Sticky Pistons.

This script of course also allows viewing underground areas for cheating (I do not endorse this behaviour; if you choose to spoil your adventure game in this way, it has nothing to do with me.)


It currently has a few limitations, mostly with materials and lighting. I have solutions/planned fixes to many of these.

- It can't load additional data after first load. (Requires a fresh blank .blend / Blender restart after every load, as it can't currently cleanly append region data to existing meshes.)
- MC block definitions do not currently process certain extra-field data (torch directions, crop height, track/ladder orientation)
... etc.

The first public version has been available here since Minecraft's Full Release day during Minecon, (November 18th 2011).

This is what one Chunk looks like. A 16x16 piece of your world.

Anvil format's new maximum sky limit

The Nether! 10x10 chunks, rendered in Cycles
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