Welcome to Mind Your Own Adventures. This is a project that is being developed by students at the University of Georgia. They are taking a class called: EDIT 5500 - Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments. You are helping these undergraduates to learn more about how to create learning activities for elementary school children.  We hope you enjoy the adventures.
We'll send out an adventure every 10 days or so. You don't have to do all of the adventures, nor do you have to do all parts of any one adventure.  But we hope that you will find them interesting enough to do all parts of all adventures. The UGA students are standing by to help you with your work. At any time, you can email: mindyourownadventures@gmail.com and within 24 hours you should get a response.  Good luck on your first adventure: "So, What's the Deal with Money?" Just click the link on the navigation bar to the left to get started.